The Uncertainties of Future

Uncertainties of future are many,

My anxious mind doesn’t stop at any.

Life I wish would come at a standstill,

because thinking of what tomorrow awaits makes my heart ill.

It’s tawakkul in Him that keeps me going…

Who knows about tomorrow but Al-Alim(All knowing),

Al-Hakeem(The Perfectly Wise) who has wisdom that none posses.

So it is in His court that I leave the matter,

Because it is in Him I put my trust, for the better.

What is meant to be has already been decreed,

the pen has been lifted and the pages have dried

Long before I came into being.

So, I’ll let the Al-Wakeel(The Ultimate Trustee) do His work

while I deviate my thoughts in building a better today,

knowing that tomorrow is in safe hands of  Al-Wadood(All-Loving).

-Potential Hijabi

Yaa Hayyu Ya Qayyoom bi Ramatika astagheeth
(O Ever-living, O Sustainer, by Your mercy, I seek your help – Ameen)

P.S. That was absolutely random.. I just had to let my thoughts out. Wanted to write an article but my ‘writers block’ didn’t let me and with all the random thoughts running in my head, this was the the final result! Well, atleast I feel better now, Alhumdulillah, what a blessing writing is! 🙂


Things to Remember (for a good life in this world and the next)

Three things you should never forget about:
1.If you are in salah protect your heart.
2.If you are in a gathering of people,protect your tongue.
3.If you are in the house of others,protect your gaze.

Two things you should never narrate:
1.Peoples bad behavior towards you.
2.Your good behavior towards people .

Two things you should never forget:
2.The hereafter.

From the team of An’Nisaa -The Woman (النساء )
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Source: An’Nisaa 

When His mercy pours… :’)

There are times in our life that we are in so much pain and trouble that due to the weight of that pain we prostrate to Allah and seek His help ..“When life brings you down.. you are in best position to pray!” … but there are also times in your life that Allah pours His blessings on you to such an extent, even though you think you are so not deserving of them, that the weight of His mercy on your shoulders makes you prostrate to show Him how thankful and grateful you are to every single blessing in your life! :’)  Alhumdulillah, alhumdulillah..  It makes us realise how much He loves us! The amount He loves us, nothing in this world can compare to it!

Once a woman was searching for her child and when she found him, she took hold of him, pressed him against her chest and gave him her breast to nurse him. Allah’s Messenger Muhammad(saw) saw her and asked his companions: “Do you Continue reading

Where we belong!

I’ve always loved Zain Bikha’s nasheed. One because most of them have no-music, and two they have absolutely wonderful lyrics.
I recently happened to listen to a few nasheeds from Zain Bikha’s album – “Faith”. And I just loved them all. But specifically liked “Allah is enough for me” which talks about Yusuf (A.S) struggles and Glory Be to Allah.
Other than those 2, is this nasheed “Where we belong”, listening to it felt like it was the story of my life. 😛 Everytime is listen to it cant stop saying Alhumdulillah for everything 🙂
Listen to it 🙂