Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

You Ask.. اَللّه Gives..

You Sin.. اَللّه Forgives..

You Repent.. اَللّه Forgets..

You Request.. اَللّه Accepts..

You Cry.. اَللّه Listens..

You Call.. اَللّه Runs..

You Knock.. اَللّه Opens..

You Attend.. اَللّه Welcomes..

You Nag.. اَللّه Hears..

You Question.. اَللّه Solves..

You Plea.. اَللّه Resolves..

You Take.. اَللّه Provides..

You Insist.. اَللّه Grants..

Everything you do is about you! and
Everything اَللّه does is about you!


“So which of the
favors of your Lord will you deny?”
(Quran 55:12)

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“It doesn’t make any sense…”

Read this article a few weeks back and loved it right from the first word till the last, mashaAllah!

Source: SuhaibWebb.com 

By Ruzky Aliyar

‘Why do some things in life not work out the way you want them to?’ said the boy.

‘How do you know that was what you really wanted?’ asked the girl.

The boy momentarily froze. This had never occurred to him. If he got what he wanted, it made him happy. If he didn’t get what he wanted, it made him sad.

The boy looked at the blue lake in front of him. A gentle evening breeze rippled across the water disturbing its clarity. He turned to look at the girl—his sister. She seemed deep in thought. She looked peaceful and he could see the reflection of the pool of water in her eyes. Here he did not see any ripples in the water. It seemed clear.

‘How would I know that?’ he asked her.

‘How would I know that?’ she repeated, but now Continue reading

The Timely Reminders

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

I wrote this last night but didn’t end up publishing it. Just a reflection on the reminders that Allah sent my way in the last few days.


This is probably a bad time to blog about this… Since I have college test tmrw for which I have hardly studied and also the fact that it’s one of the blessed night where I need to be searching of Layla-tul-Qadr. But I had to write about this!

Last few days haven’t been easy.. and as I fact I am not expecting anything different from the days that follow. I wont lie but my Ramadan hasn’t been as good as it could have. The only thing I am glad I have done this month is attend the Taraweeh prayers. Other than that there is nothing much that I am happy about and can say I have put an effort to work for to make best use of this blessed month. May Allah forgive me and accept the little efforts that I could put in. May He accept my night prayers and grant me forgiveness atleast because of it!

Back to what I wanted to share. Like I said I have tests tmrw and I have loads to study still! In the midst of studying from notes which are on my laptop, I have a habit of taking breaks and surfing net in the middle. While I am doing that and while at the same time my mind is actually messed up about this xyz matter… I get a new msg notification. I check to see it’s one from my dear friend Nasmira .. She sent a msg which reads — Continue reading

When His mercy pours… :’)

There are times in our life that we are in so much pain and trouble that due to the weight of that pain we prostrate to Allah and seek His help ..“When life brings you down.. you are in best position to pray!” … but there are also times in your life that Allah pours His blessings on you to such an extent, even though you think you are so not deserving of them, that the weight of His mercy on your shoulders makes you prostrate to show Him how thankful and grateful you are to every single blessing in your life! :’)  Alhumdulillah, alhumdulillah..  It makes us realise how much He loves us! The amount He loves us, nothing in this world can compare to it!

Once a woman was searching for her child and when she found him, she took hold of him, pressed him against her chest and gave him her breast to nurse him. Allah’s Messenger Muhammad(saw) saw her and asked his companions: “Do you Continue reading

The Friend

Asslamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

It’s been a long long time since I posted any of my personal reflections or articles on the blog! Been pretty busy off-late, alhumdulillah for that!

By the mercy of Allah, I have been working for a wonderful website “Habibi Halaqas” since a past few months. I write under the name “Aasiya Maryam” (Please note that this isn’t my real name.. and the story behind the changing of my pen name deserves another post in itself.. which I shall write sometime in near future, inshaAllah! :D).

For my first assignment I was asked to chose a topic myself and send in the article.. after a lot of brain-storming, I decided I wanted to start by writing about someone really really special.. here’s my first article published on the website a few months back, alhumdulillah.



Do you have a Best Friend or someone who knows you best? A person whose company you enjoy the most. Someone you love spending time with. They are with you through thick and thin. They understand you better than your family. They lend you a ear when you are down and you share everything about your life with them.

A person we are so close to, that we start depending on them for everything. When they are with us life seems good, pain seems light… and without them everything Continue reading