And you thought you were strong…

There are times Allah puts you into situations that make you feel in a way that you never thought you would. These are the times you realise how weak, how human and how helpless you are… You have no control over certain things… especially your Qalb – Your heart! You realise then that Allah is Al-Muqallib – Controller of Hearts and it is only through him that you find any strength that you do, everything you feel, everything you experience comes from Him. He put it there for some reason. It’s the contemplation in moments like these that you understand again the necessity of your heart to be with Him, to depend on Him alone and ask of Him alone. Because alone you are nothing, and through Him you gain everything.

You thought you were strong,
You thought you’d now act grown up
You thought you had unshaken faith
You thought you would never feel anxious again
You thought you’d never wait!

You were wrong
You were wrong
You were wrong!

You still wait
You still get anxious Continue reading

Friends.. by the will of Allah .. for the sake of Allah! :)

About a year n half  back I came across a blog post. It was a review on the items the sister had won in a giveaway! I read the post and hit the ‘like’ button! Little did I know that that one like was a way of Allah swt to send a really special companion into my life! 🙂

A few weeks/months later I found a comment from the same sister on my blog! She told me that she had  recently realised that I had liked one of her posts, so was kind enough to leave a comment on mine! 🙂 MashaAllah!
Little did I know that this was not just a passing comment but the beginning of beautiful bond of sisterhood!

Weeks passed. Once my newsfeed displayed a status update by Sr.Yasmin Mogahed! Her words touched my heart and I was amongst the first to leave a comment. A few seconds later a notification popped up “Nasmira Firdous likes your comment on Yasmin Mogahed’s status”. Little did I notice that this was the same sister who was also my fellow blogger.

The same day she left another comment on one of my blog post asking if that girl was me! I said yes it was..wondering how she found out, since I use my pen name here. (For the sake of my privacy I shall not mention how 😉 but) let’s just say that Allah has His own beautiful unexpected ways of sending in people into your life. So, this was just the beginning of a bond that truly began and continues to be loved and cherished for the sake of Al-Wadood, alhumdulillah! ❤

Over the year, we had loads of conversations! From her studies at IOU to my life as an engineering student… from the love for Allah to the love for His deen.. about life as a muslimah.. about the struggles of this dunya.. about the highs and lows of eeman and ways to get through it.. struggling through the roller coaster of life.. reminding each other of Almighty, The Wise… ! alhumdulillahi rabbil aalameen! 🙂 None of Your favors I deny my Lord. Truly, all praise is only for You. :’)

She’s my most beloved sister in faith, my fellow blogger, colleague at HH (and will be my senior, incase I decide to take up the BAIS course in future, inshaAllah! 😉 )  – Nasmira .. or Nasmiiiii as I love to shout out! 😀  It’s  our long conversations about love for Allah, Islam and everything (halal) under the sun… that really made me survive the lows of eeman mashaAllah! 🙂

Recently my dear BIG sister as she likes to call herself (:P) sent me a lovely gift! (As for my gift for her.. uh .. well.. all I can say is it’s not yet dispatched.. Why? well that’s another story.. we shall keep for some future post!)

Anyway, back to the gift… well.. I think I should just let the gift do the talking 😛 . So, here it is



Beautiful, ain’t it? MashaAllah! Even more beautiful was the message that came with it! 🙂


The illusion of this life lasts but a moment..
It’s the journey you carve that makes the path
and the destination whimsically beautiful.

When you think you’ve experienced happiness,
Just remember being given your book of deeds
in your right hand on the Day Of Judgement!

“Words are a pretext.
It’s the inner bond that draws one to another.”
And how beautiful it is when that bond is Islam
between you and me!!

Alhumdulillah, so overwhelmed reading the message! :’) Now whenever I am happy I actually think of the happiness that will come my way if I receive my book of deeds in my right hand on the day of judgement, inshaAllah! And this thought, it reminds me of my bigger goals and keeps me humble and god-conscious even in the times of happiness, alhumdulillah! ❤

JazakaAllahu Khair Nasmi for all the things you’ve thought me, alhumdulillah..! You are indeed an awesome big sister, mashaAllah! 😉

May Allah accept your duas and grant you good in this world and next! May Allah make our friendship and sisterhood a means for us to be amongst the people who meet and part for His sake and who are granted His shade on that day when there is no shade but His! Ameen Ya Rabb! 🙂


To Life or To Death….

A big big reminder to self! ❤ and to all those who are in need of this reminder…
by Sister Sunshine Smiles
“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon”

Indeed we belong to Allah(SWT), and indeed to Him is our return.
The intensity that this statement offers does not pertain to death alone but different perceptions of loss and intellect that blows my novice mind to amazedness.
A few years back, this phrase came into my existing Dua’ dictionary when my Father introduced me to it as I was unaware on how to react on the news of somebody’s sad demise.
That one unforgettable morning which started with these words on my lips even before the break of dawn, forced my mind to shut down emotionally for the rest of the day.
It is unimaginable how Allah(SWT) finds the perfect reminders to soften our hearts from the deep barriers of hardness that develop around it in the conscious attempt of living up to the ever competing world.
This isn’t another article reminding you that death is inevitable and all that. This one’s about life, creatively wrapped in ribbons of genuineness symmetrically bowed in what we love to call ‘Love’, of which death does hold some significance.
Love, that was initially focused on our parents when we were 4 years old eventually got distributed to, say a few relatives, cousins and friends when we turned 10 and even more friends and relatives as we Continue reading

The Goodly Life…

Originally published on Oct 2011

“The Goodly Life”
Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqiti
(Transcript Source:

Life, is either for a person, or against him
It’s hours and seconds, days and years pass him by
Leading him (by his actions) to the Love and Good Pleasure of Allah
until he is amongst the people of Ultimate Success and the Gardens of Paradise
or they are against him, leading him (by his actions) to the Fires of Hell
and to the Anger of the One, the Just Ruler [Allah]

Life, either it will make you laugh & rejoice for an hour
over which you will cry for an eternity (in the Hereafter)
or it will make you cry for an hour
over which you will laugh & rejoice for an eternity (in the Hereafter)

Life, is either a great blessing for a person,
or an adverse affliction against him

This is a life which was lived by the earliest generations
by our fathers and forefathers
and by all those who preceded us
All of them, returned to Allah with what they used to do [their deeds]

“Life” refers to every single moment that is Continue reading

“It doesn’t make any sense…”

Read this article a few weeks back and loved it right from the first word till the last, mashaAllah!


By Ruzky Aliyar

‘Why do some things in life not work out the way you want them to?’ said the boy.

‘How do you know that was what you really wanted?’ asked the girl.

The boy momentarily froze. This had never occurred to him. If he got what he wanted, it made him happy. If he didn’t get what he wanted, it made him sad.

The boy looked at the blue lake in front of him. A gentle evening breeze rippled across the water disturbing its clarity. He turned to look at the girl—his sister. She seemed deep in thought. She looked peaceful and he could see the reflection of the pool of water in her eyes. Here he did not see any ripples in the water. It seemed clear.

‘How would I know that?’ he asked her.

‘How would I know that?’ she repeated, but now Continue reading