The year that was…(or still is?! :D)

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu:) – Peace be upon you and mercy of Allah and His blessings

Woohoo.. It’s snowing again on wordpress!! 😀 SubhanAllah.. so love this effect! 🙂

Its been a really really long time since I posted here.. Alright alright I did post something recently but I am referring to my confessions :D.. ! And to be precise I published only 2 posts about my personal reflections this year!

Though they were a lot of things I wanted to blog about .. lot of situations and experiences that I wanted to pen . . but either I procrastinated it or just didn’t have the time.. caught up in the race against time to submit assignments at  the last moment, to meet deadlines, to study for exams tests .. to make loads of posters for HabibiHalaqas, alhumdulillah  🙂 .. or simply hop tabs!

But above all the toughest challenge has been balancing the deen and dunya! Working for the dunya .. without losing focus on akhira! Spending time with people without losing out time for Allah!

Constantly trying to run back to Him as soon as the trigger for an eeman low goes abuzz ! Making dua and hoping every night to be given the ability to pray fajr .. and not giving up when I miss fajr!! Trying hard to maintain at least the 5 daily prayers when my eeman was at the lowest of the low . . and not giving up the tiny little habits that I had inculcated like trying to stay in the state of wudu all day alhudmulillah, because it takes weeks/months to build good habits but only a few days to break one!

The eeman ride is a hard one for sure . . but the article by sis Yasmin Mogahed  – This is Awakening did help me a lot Alhumdulillah. It helped me realise that Continue reading

Pour Your Heart Out to Allah

By Sister Raghad Ebied

Source: Muslim Women Success Coach

You know how sometimes you really want something to happen or there’s already something really important happening in your life, yet you feel like there are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome?

Whether it’s a personal or community project, a new relationship like starting a marriage or expecting a child, or acquiring a new job, you will notice more often than not, that anytime we as human beings want to do something great or important and start creating more fulfillment in our lives and in the lives of others, that there will be all sorts of tests and tribulations along the way.

We have so many examples of this from our Islamic history.  Think about the Prophet peace be upon him.  He was the one man on earth at the time who had revelation coming down to him, peace be upon him, from the seventh heaven.  He was the most beloved human being to Allah (Swt) and had an ever so important message to deliver, yet he faced trials and tribulations, one after the other.

After his first incident with Angel Gabriel in Cave Hira, he sought comfort and support from his beloved wife Khadijah, who believed in him and supported him like no other and took him to her cousin, Continue reading