Through the eyes of a child


”Dear Allah,
Assalamualaikum 🙂

I am Mubeen Ahmad from I-B, Roll no. 14.
How are you Allah?
My teacher says you made me. Thank you for making me Allah. Oh i meen jazakallah 🙂
She said u like to hear Inshallah Mashallah and Jazakallah.

Teacher says that if there is anything i want, i should ask you and if i have any complaint i should tell you.

Last week na Allah, i cried a lot
You know why?
Because Saba Chachi pushed Maa (grandma) on the floor. Maa was crying so much! I don’t like when maa cries. When she cries, even i cry. I went to Ammi to tell that Saba chachi is not nice. She is pushing maa and also shouting on her. She is making her cry. Toh Ammi told me not to tell anyone.
Why shouldn’t i tell anyone Allah? Continue reading


What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?……”

I have really old memories associated with that quote which go back to my school days where my friend used to often quote it saying “Shakespeare said what’s in a name and below that he wrote his name!” It cracked me up every time I heard it! 😛


When I started this blog and had to choose a username, I didn’t really have time to think of a proper name because I was more concerned and excited about what I want to share on this blog, plus WordPress told me I can change my username whenever I want to! But as a new hijabi I wanted to use the term “hijabi” in my name.. so now all I needed to find was a an adjective to prefix it! After some thought I gave in to “potential hijabi”, one of the reasons being I had read an article recently that used this name and it was lingering in my mind… plus it sounded cool! 😛

But on a more serious note, It also was a reminder to me that Continue reading