My Loving Lord


Dear Allah,

Thank You.

I am short of words to tell my Lord a million thanks for the mercy He shows on me again and again.

A thousand times I fail…yet your mercy remains. It humbles me more to know you are here, you are watching, my struggle my tears, my pain, my anxiety… How I want to so horribly set things right but it is beyond my capability.

I know you are watching me cry myself to sleep at night… I know you are watching me fight to set things right.. I know you are watching the struggle I am facing…and even though I know my struggle is nothing compared to what worse situtions people face all around the world … I know that for YOU even my single tear that falls out of this struggle is not something small..YOU know that it is not a problem I have created for myself.

You are Al-Wadood, you love me 70 times more than my mother. You are Al-Aleem have the knowledge of what is in my heart.. You know that I am not making up this struggle .. You know that this struggle is REAL .. It may be small for others but for me it is a burden.

But it is a burden that you know I can bear right? That’s why you put me through this.

You know Allah it’s humbling how you take care of me…despite the fact that I am falling short in my prayers… Yet you send signs in such miraculous ways that makes me fall in prostration to you out of thankfulness.

You said in th Quran “Verily with hardship there is ease” and all those signs that you send my way are a moments of ease for me in this time of hardship.

A few weeks back I remember how I felt that You are no longer with me.. That may be I am not worthy of you love and you have abundant me. But just in matter of 10 mins since I cried in prostration to you, You made me listen to this reminder — even thought I had heard it before but yet YOU made me hear it again just to tell me that YOU have NOT abandoned me!!

And then the people in my life whom you have placed…SubhanaAllah. When I received this book “A Temporary Gift” as a present from my friends today, I cried. I cried tears of happiness… It just made me feel so blessed to know that Allah has put friends in my life who care, who are there to support me, who are there to advice me in a manner that will bring me closer to my Rabb! I felt blessed! Alhumdulillahi Rabbil Alameen.


I am humbled my Lord …. And I have no words to thank you… No words are sufficient to thank my Lord … Who is watching me and taking care of my affairs.

And like Asma Hussein said in her book…”None of these things happen because i am particularly good or worthy.
They happen because Allah cares about the hearts of His slaves. ”

I love you My Lord. Thank You for being there.

Your Slave,