And you thought you were strong…

There are times Allah puts you into situations that make you feel in a way that you never thought you would. These are the times you realise how weak, how human and how helpless you are… You have no control over certain things… especially your Qalb – Your heart! You realise then that Allah is Al-Muqallib – Controller of Hearts and it is only through him that you find any strength that you do, everything you feel, everything you experience comes from Him. He put it there for some reason. It’s the contemplation in moments like these that you understand again the necessity of your heart to be with Him, to depend on Him alone and ask of Him alone. Because alone you are nothing, and through Him you gain everything.

You thought you were strong,
You thought you’d now act grown up
You thought you had unshaken faith
You thought you would never feel anxious again
You thought you’d never wait!

You were wrong
You were wrong
You were wrong!

You still wait
You still get anxious Continue reading

What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name?……”

I have really old memories associated with that quote which go back to my school days where my friend used to often quote it saying “Shakespeare said what’s in a name and below that he wrote his name!” It cracked me up every time I heard it! 😛


When I started this blog and had to choose a username, I didn’t really have time to think of a proper name because I was more concerned and excited about what I want to share on this blog, plus WordPress told me I can change my username whenever I want to! But as a new hijabi I wanted to use the term “hijabi” in my name.. so now all I needed to find was a an adjective to prefix it! After some thought I gave in to “potential hijabi”, one of the reasons being I had read an article recently that used this name and it was lingering in my mind… plus it sounded cool! 😛

But on a more serious note, It also was a reminder to me that Continue reading

Friends.. by the will of Allah .. for the sake of Allah! :)

About a year n half  back I came across a blog post. It was a review on the items the sister had won in a giveaway! I read the post and hit the ‘like’ button! Little did I know that that one like was a way of Allah swt to send a really special companion into my life! 🙂

A few weeks/months later I found a comment from the same sister on my blog! She told me that she had  recently realised that I had liked one of her posts, so was kind enough to leave a comment on mine! 🙂 MashaAllah!
Little did I know that this was not just a passing comment but the beginning of beautiful bond of sisterhood!

Weeks passed. Once my newsfeed displayed a status update by Sr.Yasmin Mogahed! Her words touched my heart and I was amongst the first to leave a comment. A few seconds later a notification popped up “Nasmira Firdous likes your comment on Yasmin Mogahed’s status”. Little did I notice that this was the same sister who was also my fellow blogger.

The same day she left another comment on one of my blog post asking if that girl was me! I said yes it was..wondering how she found out, since I use my pen name here. (For the sake of my privacy I shall not mention how 😉 but) let’s just say that Allah has His own beautiful unexpected ways of sending in people into your life. So, this was just the beginning of a bond that truly began and continues to be loved and cherished for the sake of Al-Wadood, alhumdulillah! ❤

Over the year, we had loads of conversations! From her studies at IOU to my life as an engineering student… from the love for Allah to the love for His deen.. about life as a muslimah.. about the struggles of this dunya.. about the highs and lows of eeman and ways to get through it.. struggling through the roller coaster of life.. reminding each other of Almighty, The Wise… ! alhumdulillahi rabbil aalameen! 🙂 None of Your favors I deny my Lord. Truly, all praise is only for You. :’)

She’s my most beloved sister in faith, my fellow blogger, colleague at HH (and will be my senior, incase I decide to take up the BAIS course in future, inshaAllah! 😉 )  – Nasmira .. or Nasmiiiii as I love to shout out! 😀  It’s  our long conversations about love for Allah, Islam and everything (halal) under the sun… that really made me survive the lows of eeman mashaAllah! 🙂

Recently my dear BIG sister as she likes to call herself (:P) sent me a lovely gift! (As for my gift for her.. uh .. well.. all I can say is it’s not yet dispatched.. Why? well that’s another story.. we shall keep for some future post!)

Anyway, back to the gift… well.. I think I should just let the gift do the talking 😛 . So, here it is



Beautiful, ain’t it? MashaAllah! Even more beautiful was the message that came with it! 🙂


The illusion of this life lasts but a moment..
It’s the journey you carve that makes the path
and the destination whimsically beautiful.

When you think you’ve experienced happiness,
Just remember being given your book of deeds
in your right hand on the Day Of Judgement!

“Words are a pretext.
It’s the inner bond that draws one to another.”
And how beautiful it is when that bond is Islam
between you and me!!

Alhumdulillah, so overwhelmed reading the message! :’) Now whenever I am happy I actually think of the happiness that will come my way if I receive my book of deeds in my right hand on the day of judgement, inshaAllah! And this thought, it reminds me of my bigger goals and keeps me humble and god-conscious even in the times of happiness, alhumdulillah! ❤

JazakaAllahu Khair Nasmi for all the things you’ve thought me, alhumdulillah..! You are indeed an awesome big sister, mashaAllah! 😉

May Allah accept your duas and grant you good in this world and next! May Allah make our friendship and sisterhood a means for us to be amongst the people who meet and part for His sake and who are granted His shade on that day when there is no shade but His! Ameen Ya Rabb! 🙂


“Let’s talk about hijab” – Megan Wyatt

I just read this post by sis Megan Wyatt on her fb page and I just HAD to save it up here! It’s just amazing, mashaAllah!! So many beautiful gems and reminders!! I hope this post really helps sisters out there to understand the hijab at a more deeper level inshaAllah! May Allah bless our hearts with the love for hijab  and His obedience and make it easy for us!!!

So, let’s talk about hijab. (groaning? Read on?)

First of all I have to say that this is a subject I feel I can understand from many different angles. I am a convert to Islam, which means choosing Islam and then to cover is against and so different from my entire childhood and upbringing. I was your typical American “girl next door” before I became Muslim, so changing how I dress, my social customs, etc was huge for me.To be really frank, I didn’t truly change for many years to come. I did the right things on the outside, but it took me a long time to be integrated as a person.

When I wore hijab, it was quite simply because I wanted to fit in, I wanted to Continue reading

The year that was…(or still is?! :D)

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu:) – Peace be upon you and mercy of Allah and His blessings

Woohoo.. It’s snowing again on wordpress!! 😀 SubhanAllah.. so love this effect! 🙂

Its been a really really long time since I posted here.. Alright alright I did post something recently but I am referring to my confessions :D.. ! And to be precise I published only 2 posts about my personal reflections this year!

Though they were a lot of things I wanted to blog about .. lot of situations and experiences that I wanted to pen . . but either I procrastinated it or just didn’t have the time.. caught up in the race against time to submit assignments at  the last moment, to meet deadlines, to study for exams tests .. to make loads of posters for HabibiHalaqas, alhumdulillah  🙂 .. or simply hop tabs!

But above all the toughest challenge has been balancing the deen and dunya! Working for the dunya .. without losing focus on akhira! Spending time with people without losing out time for Allah!

Constantly trying to run back to Him as soon as the trigger for an eeman low goes abuzz ! Making dua and hoping every night to be given the ability to pray fajr .. and not giving up when I miss fajr!! Trying hard to maintain at least the 5 daily prayers when my eeman was at the lowest of the low . . and not giving up the tiny little habits that I had inculcated like trying to stay in the state of wudu all day alhudmulillah, because it takes weeks/months to build good habits but only a few days to break one!

The eeman ride is a hard one for sure . . but the article by sis Yasmin Mogahed  – This is Awakening did help me a lot Alhumdulillah. It helped me realise that Continue reading

The Good Samaritan

I received a mail last week, about a Muslim girls meet that was happening in my city. It was a group started so that interested muslimahs could come together and learn islam the fun way with halal activities like watching documentaries together, quizes, games, and other creative stuff, Alhumdulillah!

I was very excited to attend this, because I felt I had a wonderful opportunity to meet the other muslimahs in our city and additionally make some righteous friends for the sake of Allah! 🙂 .. But that isn’t what this post is about!

My friend and I went for the meet in her car which she was driving! Usually we go with my driver but since it was a sunday he was on leave, so we didn’t have a choice! So, reading dua we started off to the place where this was being organised.. We were quiet unsure about the place too since it was a little far off from our area but Alhumdulillah we found our way to it!

On our way back, after more than half the way home .. we heard some weird noise! We realised the noise was coming from the tyre; so we moved to the side and stopped the car immediately! Continue reading

It’s My Shield!

I’ve been listening to this poem over and over again! Just LOVE it! ❤

The Shield- Brooke VanBuskirk

By day I wrap this shield around my head, across my chest
This world is a prison- my mind and heart I must protect
Why? Because without it there’s no limit to be observed

What is modesty and decency? Man can’t properly determine
They say my choice to cover is old-fashioned
they say our religious practices are backwards
They spew cliché democracy and liberation
little do they know there’s little knowledge in what they’re saying
my argument is that ‘the times, they are a-changin’
and slowly but surely approaches an ‘anything goes’ day, when
no rules apply
whats wrong is called right
and crimes of the heart creep like a thief in the night
Continue reading