And you thought you were strong…

There are times Allah puts you into situations that make you feel in a way that you never thought you would. These are the times you realise how weak, how human and how helpless you are… You have no control over certain things… especially your Qalb – Your heart! You realise then that Allah is Al-Muqallib – Controller of Hearts and it is only through him that you find any strength that you do, everything you feel, everything you experience comes from Him. He put it there for some reason. It’s the contemplation in moments like these that you understand again the necessity of your heart to be with Him, to depend on Him alone and ask of Him alone. Because alone you are nothing, and through Him you gain everything.

You thought you were strong,
You thought you’d now act grown up
You thought you had unshaken faith
You thought you would never feel anxious again
You thought you’d never wait!

You were wrong
You were wrong
You were wrong!

You still wait
You still get anxious Continue reading

Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

You Ask.. اَللّه Gives..

You Sin.. اَللّه Forgives..

You Repent.. اَللّه Forgets..

You Request.. اَللّه Accepts..

You Cry.. اَللّه Listens..

You Call.. اَللّه Runs..

You Knock.. اَللّه Opens..

You Attend.. اَللّه Welcomes..

You Nag.. اَللّه Hears..

You Question.. اَللّه Solves..

You Plea.. اَللّه Resolves..

You Take.. اَللّه Provides..

You Insist.. اَللّه Grants..

Everything you do is about you! and
Everything اَللّه does is about you!


“So which of the
favors of your Lord will you deny?”
(Quran 55:12)

Source: Internet

The Uncertainties of Future

Uncertainties of future are many,

My anxious mind doesn’t stop at any.

Life I wish would come at a standstill,

because thinking of what tomorrow awaits makes my heart ill.

It’s tawakkul in Him that keeps me going…

Who knows about tomorrow but Al-Alim(All knowing),

Al-Hakeem(The Perfectly Wise) who has wisdom that none posses.

So it is in His court that I leave the matter,

Because it is in Him I put my trust, for the better.

What is meant to be has already been decreed,

the pen has been lifted and the pages have dried

Long before I came into being.

So, I’ll let the Al-Wakeel(The Ultimate Trustee) do His work

while I deviate my thoughts in building a better today,

knowing that tomorrow is in safe hands of  Al-Wadood(All-Loving).

-Potential Hijabi

Yaa Hayyu Ya Qayyoom bi Ramatika astagheeth
(O Ever-living, O Sustainer, by Your mercy, I seek your help – Ameen)

P.S. That was absolutely random.. I just had to let my thoughts out. Wanted to write an article but my ‘writers block’ didn’t let me and with all the random thoughts running in my head, this was the the final result! Well, atleast I feel better now, Alhumdulillah, what a blessing writing is! 🙂

Pour Your Heart Out to Allah

By Sister Raghad Ebied

Source: Muslim Women Success Coach

You know how sometimes you really want something to happen or there’s already something really important happening in your life, yet you feel like there are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome?

Whether it’s a personal or community project, a new relationship like starting a marriage or expecting a child, or acquiring a new job, you will notice more often than not, that anytime we as human beings want to do something great or important and start creating more fulfillment in our lives and in the lives of others, that there will be all sorts of tests and tribulations along the way.

We have so many examples of this from our Islamic history.  Think about the Prophet peace be upon him.  He was the one man on earth at the time who had revelation coming down to him, peace be upon him, from the seventh heaven.  He was the most beloved human being to Allah (Swt) and had an ever so important message to deliver, yet he faced trials and tribulations, one after the other.

After his first incident with Angel Gabriel in Cave Hira, he sought comfort and support from his beloved wife Khadijah, who believed in him and supported him like no other and took him to her cousin, Continue reading

‘Don’t Be Sad’ Series – Spiritual tips!


Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullah,

Sometimes no amount of tips and advises work best like the spiritual tips do..! So even though in my next post I shall share some practical tips on overcoming sadness, inshaAllah, here are some spiritual must do’s for us to get started with, beginning in the name of Allah!

1. Work on your relationship with Allah(swt): In our struggle for peace in our lives we often seek help from the people around only to return empty handed. We forget that the only one who truely understands us is our Almighty, who is the only ONE who knows every little pain we are going through; and so we need to make a sincere effort in improving our relationship with Him – Our Creator! There is a need for us to befriend Him. We should make our pain a tool by which we can draw closer to Allah. When you are left alone think that may be Allah sent everyone away so that it was just you and Him; and so begin to work on your relationship with the Divine.

2. Salah: you cannot underestimate the power of Salah in managing emotions especially negative emotions. When you feel down/depressed/anxious or stressed, instead of torturing yourself with those emotions, get up and make wudhu and pray 2 rak’ah and watch yourself feel 10 times better afterwards. If praying 2 rak’ah didn’t help, pray 2 more, and 2 more…until you feel better, and trust me, you’ll feel better. Salah is the gift that Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) has given us in this world and one cannot describe the type of spiritual heart surgery that occurs during prayer which makes you feel so much better inshaAllah.

3 . Quran: After praying your 2 rak’ah, and if you’re still feeling down. Pick up the Quran and read the Quran. Don’t just read a page or two, but truly immerse yourself in the experience and read as much as you can. After a while you’ll notice that your negative emotions are gone and you’re feeling really calm and relaxed. When you’re reading the Quran, imagine Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) speaking to you through His Quran and try to understand every word and every meaning and perhaps you might find the answer to your emotional situation in the verses you’re reading.

4. Dua: You’ve prayed 2 rak’ah, you’ve read lots of Quran, now it’s time to turn to Him (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and ask Him for His help in your situation. Ask Him to give you the calmness and happiness you want in your life. Ask Him to give you the blessing of tranquility regardless of the situation you’re facing. And by the way, when making dua, don’t just read the standard duas you read daily, but truly speak to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) even in your own language and ask him what you want. He listens and He understands and He knows what you’re going through. Just be sincere and humble when making the dua and you’ll feel the sweetness of being the slave of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) inshaAllah.

-Abu Productive (

I recently happened to read some really powerful words via a sister, May Allah bless her for sharing it .. The words read “Allah (swt) listens and already knows what is in your heart, but He wants you to ASK him for what you want”. (When I read these words I almost cried because they came at the time when I REALLY needed to hear something like that, Alhumdulillah! )


According to the Hadeeth narrated by Muslim on the authority of Abu
Hurairah “Allah descends (in a manner befitting His Majesty) to the
lowest heaven every night when half of the night or two-third of it is over
and says: “Is there anyone asking who may be given? Is there anyone
supplicating who may be answered?”

Shaikh Yasir Qadhi says “If you want something in your life and you aren’t praying Tahajjud for it, then in reality you don ’t really want it..'”

This article – magic called tahajjud by a dear sister is really inspiring and talks about her own experience of praying tahajjud. So yes, let’s set our alarms for tahajjud from tomorrow, inshaAllah, and beg, plead and ask Allah to set things right for us!

Lastly, majority of our problems are lightened when we detach ourselves from this world.More often we expect too much from the people around, and hoping everything to be perfect and when things turn out otherwise we fall big time. So let’s save ourselves from that torture and lower our expectaions. Let’s remember  that true peace and total perfection can only be achieved in the Hereafter, in our abode in Jannah… where everything is perfect! So for the “forever” happiness we need to work and be patient in the tests of this world so that we can be dwellers of Paradise in the Hereafter, inshaAllah!

Last piece of advice by brother Abu Productive: when you go through an emotional downturn, remember that this world is temporary, so don’t stress about it too much. Worry about the hereafter and what you’ve prepared for it, that’s what we should all be stressed about. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) make it easy for us. Ameen.

Lot’s of Love and Peace,

Potential Hijabi ❤

P.S. Don’t forget Allah loves you… like alotttt! 🙂