Where we belong!

I’ve always loved Zain Bikha’s nasheed. One because most of them have no-music, and two they have absolutely wonderful lyrics.
I recently happened to listen to a few nasheeds from Zain Bikha’s album – “Faith”. And I just loved them all. But specifically liked “Allah is enough for me” which talks about Yusuf (A.S) struggles and Glory Be to Allah.
Other than those 2, is this nasheed “Where we belong”, listening to it felt like it was the story of my life. 😛 Everytime is listen to it cant stop saying Alhumdulillah for everything 🙂
Listen to it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where we belong!

  1. mehmudah says:

    Yes it’s an amazing nasheed!! in fact i love most of zb’s work. currently i have 210 anasheed on my ipod – all without music! let me know if you need any more to listen to, be happy to share my collection.

  2. mehmudah says:

    Well, for starters here are some names:

    Talib Al Habib
    Dawud Wharnsby Ali
    Zain Bhikha all albums without music
    Ahmed Bukhatir
    Hisham Abbas (some)
    Junaid Jamshed
    Ali Haider
    Muhammed Al Husayn (few tracks)

    Let me know if you need anything else. You probably know these guys but some of the tracks are more well known than others.

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