Things to Remember (for a good life in this world and the next)

Three things you should never forget about:
1.If you are in salah protect your heart.
2.If you are in a gathering of people,protect your tongue.
3.If you are in the house of others,protect your gaze.

Two things you should never narrate:
1.Peoples bad behavior towards you.
2.Your good behavior towards people .

Two things you should never forget:
2.The hereafter.

From the team of An’Nisaa -The Woman (النساء )
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Source: An’Nisaa 


4 thoughts on “Things to Remember (for a good life in this world and the next)

  1. Noor says:

    As Salamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah, dear sister.
    JazakAllah khairan for this great reminder. I absolutely loved it and it is very true that we should remember these things, though sometimes we can easily forget them too. May Allah protect us from the waswasa of shaytaan, ameen.
    But there is one thing that I didn’t understand, the first point which says that if you’re in salah protect you heart. What does it mean to protect your heart?
    Thank you, sister.

    • Walaikum Assalam sis 🙂
      I pray you are doing good with the blessing of Allah.

      Ameen to your dua!

      I think the first point means, that when you are in Salah, let your heart be engrossed only in rememberance of Allah(swt) and not let your heart be disturbed by wandering thoughts of this world. In simple words, protect your heart from shaytan’s whispering and dont let it wander away, make sure you concentrate while praying, cause salah time should be only Allah’s time! 🙂 May Allah make us of those whose hearts are engrossed completely in His remembrance alone during Salah!

      Take Care 🙂

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