The best is yet to come!

A year back, a girl was walking the path to recovery! Fallen in the dungeon of dunya she had lost her way. Broken .. shattered.. and confused.. with no hopes what so ever about life she wished for some miracle, some reason – atleast one reason – that would give her a reason to live! Every morning waking up to the torture of living her day, she would wait for night to re-appear so she could go back to sleep, hoping that she would not see the light of the next day! She was tired! Tired of this ruthless world. Tired of her confused feelings. Tired of the people around. Tired of herself. If it weren’t for the little imaan that was left in her heart, she would have either ended her life or lost her sanity for nothing.

When we fill our hearts with the glitters of this dunya the outcome is nothing but disappointment and pain. If only she knew…

She went from door to door knocking for help hoping against hope that someone…atleast one among her friends would be able to take her out of the painful life. She did get words of hope, but that was not enough! The cut was too deep and the words were insignificant to make it heal!

In the midst of pain one night, something pulled her to knock at the door of that power who had the power to do anything.. to change any situation! This girl who had hardly prayed in months was at this point offering salah with full conviction. Crying her heart out pleading for help at the door of the Almighty! This was her last resort. In midst of absolute helplessness she raised her hands to plead for mercy… plead for peace… plead for purpose to live!

Fast forward a year. This girl is still struggling. But this time she is loving the struggle cause today it is for something better.

She’s struggling to hold on to her imaan.

Today she’s fighting to ignore the summer heat when she’s out with the hijab. Today she’s fighting her urge to listen to songs. Today she’s fighting to keep her anger in control! Today she is fighting the whispers of the shaytan. Today she’s fighting to hold on to the peace, the light that Allah (swt) has blessed her with , Alhumdulillahi-rabbil ‘Alameen!

Today when by the mercy of the Ar-Rahman (the Most Merciful), and ONLY by the mercy of the Almighty, her life is a lot better than what it was a year or two ago… she is struggling to not lose her imaan again because it’s easy to lose sight of the end when the ride becomes much smoother!

Today she’s fighting not to get too comfortable with her comfortable life, alhumdulillah!

Today she’s fighting not to get ever dependent completely on anyone other than Allah(swt)!

Today, she’s found her ultimate purpose of this life, the purpose that Islam blessed her with.

Today she has no complaints about her struggle because she knows if she passes this test, her Lord will definitely gift her with a beautiful end; and what could be a better gift for the believer than seeing the face of your Lord – Meeting your creator… meeting the One who brought you forth from darkness into light… meeting the One who listens to you day and night… meeting the One whose door is never closed on you… meeting the One who knows you in and out… meeting the One who loves you to an unimaginable level… meeting the One who gave you LIFE… and with life i don’t mean just letting the heart beat but rather letting the heart beat for a purpose and teaching you to breathe such that your every breath is for the sake of Allah.. meeting the One – who is your Best friend! 

Alhumdulillah for the pain that brings one out from dependence of dunya to the absolute dependence on Allah.. alhumdulillah for the tests that brings us closer to our creator… alhumdulillah for the good, bad and ugly times in life… because the best is yet to come! 🙂

(Nasheed shared via Khanumsays)

May Allah never let us lose sight of the ultimate purpose of our life – to worship Him and help us lead a life that is pleasing to Him.. be it that we are living a life of bliss or struggle. Ameen.

10 thoughts on “The best is yet to come!

  1. Nasmira says:

    cant wait for “the best” 🙂

  2. Noor says:

    As Salamualaikum,
    JazakAllah khairan dear sister. I liked this post, it brought tears to my eyes. May Allah keep us strong on the Straight Path with high iman, Ameen.

  3. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,

    May Allah keep us steadfast on the straight path, Aameen.

    Please remember me in your du’aas.

  4. Its you i keep seeing on igotitcovered’s comments 😛

  5. afreen says:

    made me cry! can totally relate to it!!!

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