The ZamZam Story

Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

I had watched this cartoon on the story of zamzam on youtube sometime back. Found it cute and interesting.

Some facts about Zamzam:

ZamZam” is 18X14 ft. & 13meters deep well.
It started 4000 yrs ago.
Never dried, since then
Never changed d taste.
No Algae or plant growth in d pond.
Thus No disease caused
Was tested by European laboratories & declared fit 4 drinking..
This small pond provides water 2 millions of people, thru heavy motors pulling 8000 litr per sec & after 24 hours
it completes its level in only 11 mins
Thus its water level never decreases.



2 thoughts on “The ZamZam Story

  1. x@hu says:

    hehehe, i watched that video too…. it’s cute na? 🙂

    the zam zam well is truly miraculous isn’t it? i find it even more amazing that its in arabia, a place which is actually a desert and it has never dried in all these thousands of years. imagine the number of people who would use it…. the millions of people at hajj every year!

    Subhan Allah!

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