Ramadan activities for the little Ummah – Resources, Tips and more…

Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

Ramadan is just a day or 2 ahead, with preparations in swing I am sure all of you are as excited as I am to make the best use of this month, inshaAllah! 🙂

While we have our preparations and goals set, those of us who have kids in the family let’s not forget to take out time to educate the little Ummah about what Ramadan is all about.

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A few activities for them can be:

  • Talk to them about Allah (swt), Jannah and everything that He has blessed us with.
  • Take out few mins in a day to read the Quran together with translation and discuss about it. “Teaching Kids the holy Quran” should be a great site to make them understand better, inshaAllah.
  • Educate them about why we fast. Sister Yasmin Mogahed adviced in a webinar to not reward the child with gifts such as money, toys etc since this makes them associate fasting just for temporary rewards and if you take the reward away from them they may lose interest. So, instead tell them about the rewards of fasting and how Allah loves them more and will bless them with better things in Jannah as a gift for fasting for His sake, inshaAllah.
  • Allot a certain time during the day or a day during the week to tell them stories of Prophets(peace be upon them all).  If you do not have any book from which you can read it out to them then read the story on net and narrate it to them in your own words.
  • Make a Ramadan fun pack –  this can contain coloring pages, books to read, and some Ramadan craft work materials and ideas. (Useful resources to get these linked below).

I was looking out for some fun things for Ramadan through which kids might learn something good about Ramadan and also be able to spend their time well rather than watching TV. I found some wonderful sites and suggestions for the same. Here’s a list of the sites:

  • 30 Children activities for Ramadan: It consists of 30 activity suggestions for 30 days of Ramadan, giving kids a variety of things that can be done throughout the month, inshaAllah.
  • Mini Mu’min Ramadan Kit: I just loved the stuff on this website, mashaAllah. They have a Ramadan road map, coloring workbook, certificates etc that can be downloaded for free and printed or bought online.
  • Ramadan Joy: This website contains some wonderful project ideas for Ramadan that can be done with family. I especially loved their printable Ramadan stickers.
  • Ramadan Online games: I think these games are a good substitute to other online games that kids might play online. It might maintain the atmosphere of Ramadan, inshaAllah
  • Muslim Kids Ville: A website where kids can learn, play, listen to nasheeds and read stories.

Some additional tips:

Lastly, I found this Ramadan cartoon quiet cute! It might be a good replacement for the cartoons they watch on T.V.
(WARNING: Contains light music!)

To end with treat the kids with simple but fun eid party, here are some resources that might help, inshaAllah:

That’s all for now from me! 🙂 Do you have any other resources or suggestions to involve kids in Ramadan? Do leave your suggestions in the comments 🙂



15 thoughts on “Ramadan activities for the little Ummah – Resources, Tips and more…

  1. x@hu says:

    masha Allah! this is fantastic! i love this! jazakiallah khair for these links! 😀

  2. Nasmira says:

    great tips and resources..jazakumallahu khayran!! 🙂

  3. MashaAllah, This is a wonderful list.

    Ramadhan Mubarak!

  4. Fisha says:

    Mashaallah!! Too gud…now they can avoid TV. Thanks a lott:)

  5. My curiosity to know more about Ramadan brought me here. Thanks for sharing and wish you a blessed year 🙂 I’ve also compiled some nice Ramadan greetings =)

    • Aasiya says:

      Thank you so much for the wishes and for dropping a comment! 🙂 It’s been a pleasure to read your article and mashaAllah I must say its wonderfully written! 🙂

  6. Mezba says:

    Salaams. Hope you are doing well.

    You have linked to my blog on Quran for kids using toys here in the article.

    I have a book coming out (on Surah Kahf) using pictures etc. from the blog (and brand new pictures and dioramas constructed) insha Allah.

    I was wondering if you could say a line or two about my work. I could use a testimonial (just a few words) as a blurb on my book. You can reply via email.


  7. mezba says:

    Salaams. I wanted to give you the news that I have published the book on Surah Kahf, where each verse and scene are made out of Lego blocks or toys.

    More information here:

  8. […] Ramadan Activities for the Little Ummah – Resources, Tips and More […]

  9. Ramadan Game says:

    I wish to let you know that there is a website for all cookery lovers that allow us to play Ramadan cooking game

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