Quran Tracker & Surah Ar-Rahman Memorization Printables

Assalamualaikum Wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

Ramadan Mubarak!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ May Allah make this Ramadan a month for us to wipe out all our sins, putting in all the effort we can to multiply our reward and above all to get much much closer to Al-wadood! :’)

So here’s your Ramadan treat … free Ramadan printables – ย A Quran tracker, for you to schedule the amount of quran you read per day to be able to complete it during this month, inshaAllah! ๐Ÿ™‚

And a Surah Memorization tracker for Surah Ar-Rahman,that is a suggestive schedule to memorize this amazing surah during this blessed month, inshaAllah. ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free, download them, print and use it if you like them.. inshaAllah!:)

Quran Tracker for Ramadan starting from 21st July —


Quran Tracker for Ramadan starting from 20th July —


Surah Ar-Rahman Memorization schedule:




Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad salAllahu alayhi wa sallam. Knowing this, why not make Ramadan a month where we aim to better our relationship with the Quran? Those who are just out of touch with it, let’s try to complete the quran this month inshaAllah and better yet if we could do it with reading the translation. If you are able to read the Quran why not try reading it with tafseer. Or how about start memorizing it, inshaAllah, when better to start than this blessed month! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alternate method to complete Quran in 30 days, inshaAllah


Last year I attempted to finish the Quran during Ramadan. Here’s what I did – after fajr, asr, maghrib and isha I read 1/4 para. So every day I attempted to complete 1 para. If I couldn’t complete some day I tried to make it up asap.

I timed how long it takes to finish 1/4 para, for me it was about 20 minutes. So if you are a fast reader it might take you much less BUT do not hurry through it just for the sake of it! We are attempting to build a relationship with it, so slow down understand what you are reading. Either before or after you read the arabic part you can read the translation of it, inshaAllah. ย (Note: Zuhr is excluded since I have college at that time)

But let me emphasize that as much as we are rewarded for every letter from the Quran that we read, let the point of reading Quran this Ramadan be not just to finish it but to build a relationship with Quran, to build habit of reading the Quran everyday, inshaAllah.



May Allah help us build a better relationship with Quran this Ramadan. Ameen! ๐Ÿ™‚
Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan!


P.S. Also do download this Ramadan checklist from Productive Muslim. I loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Download here –ย Productive-Muslim-Ramadan-Checklist. (Right Click -> Save as…)

P.S.S Just incase you have already memorized Surah ar-Rahman, join Habibi Halaqas Ramadan Project – Memorize Surah Fussilat: An Ayaah a day on fb! ๐Ÿ™‚


11 thoughts on “Quran Tracker & Surah Ar-Rahman Memorization Printables

  1. Latonia says:

    thank you for this! and Ramadan Mubarak

  2. eva626 says:

    Ramadan Kareem!!!

  3. Ramadan Mubarak ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. unknown says:

    what is the quickest way to finish quran in a week or read 4 parahs a day

  5. UmmSumayyah says:

    Assalamu alaikum, Iโ€™ve found http://www.QuranTracker.com to be useful for myself and the kids, as you can use it to track your hifdh and revision aswell- It has 2 trackers โ€“ one for hifdh and one for revision and you click on the ayahs to colour code them according to how well youโ€™ve learnt them. It automatically calculates your percentage for you! It also has a revision planner, like a calender where you drag in the surahs you need to revise each day so that you dont forget any, and a counter which tells you the last date revised. Also you can set hifdh targets, tell it which surah you want to memorise and by what date and it creates a schedule for you! So no need to write it on paper or keep charts, you can keep changing and updating according to your needs. And since its all online, i can use it for myself and teaching / testing my kids wherever we are! Its all free for juz 30, and need to pay ยฃ24/year for all the other juz. I find its worth it as my main problem with paper charts was for tracking revision. It provides great incentive for the kids as it shows progress visuallyโ€ฆinshaAllah i hope you find it useful.

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