Step Up to The Challenge

Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

I came across this organisation called Al-Muhsinaat through their “Muslim Student Handbook” advertisement on net. These handbooks were distributed free to anyone who ordered them from anywhere in the world, subhanAllah.  This was done by gathering funds for the shipping charges, which I am incredibly grateful to all the muslim brothers and sisters who contributed for the same. May Allah bless them all and the organisation for their efforts.

Interacting during that time with this organisation was indeed a pleasure. Any enquiries were adhered to as early as possible and in the most polite manner. When I received the books the quality was absolutely great, mashaAllah and everyone my cousin and I gave the copies to loved it, not just for the quality but also the content of the book, alhumdulillah!

The same organisation has now started a new project called The New Life Project. Here are the details on the Ramadan Challenge that I received via mail for this project –

Can YOU Raise £700 this Ramadhan?

“We are helping to build their dunya,

But most certainly,

They are helping to build our Akhira”

AIM –> To raise £700 to help a family re-start their life in Somalia . Help restore some normality into their lives this Ramadhan.

Following the worst drought seen for sixty years, Ummah welfare Trust has set up a unique project to help thousands of families to re-start their lives insha’Allah. This project aims to provide the thousands of mothers, fathers and children of Somalia with a foundation on which they can have a fresh start insha’Allah. It is a project that will restore the light into their lives, bring comfort to the mothers who have endured so much and bring hope to the lives of the next generation.

What will YOUR £700 provide?

Your £700 will completely change the life of a family in Somalia . Not only will it provide them with a home that lasts a lifetime, it will equip them with the absolute essentials they need to re-start their lives once again insha’Allah. This £700 package will provide them with the nourishment they need for their Deen and Dunya!

The Prophet SalAllahu ‘alaihi wassalam said,

‘…Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala remains committed to help his servant as long as he stays committed to help his brother in need…’ (Muslim)


Out of an earth of billions, we are looking towards 70 generous individuals who can step up to the challenge. 70 amazing people who can insha’Allah try and raise £700 this Ramadhan to provide a new home for life for a family in Somalia !

Can YOU be one of these 70?


Invest in YOUR Akhira this Ramadhan insha’Allah! Help completely change the life of an entire family in Somalia during this blessed month. It will only serve to make your scales heavier on the day of Judgement insha’Allah.

There are so many ways to raise £700! With Allah’s Help anything is possible, so don’t feel daunted! Step up to the challenge insha’Allah and help in inspiring real change!

YOU can change this around completely insha’Allah. Why not take up this opportunity?

Their home lies in YOUR heart and all they ask is do YOU have space?


O Muslims, please step upon this journey with us insha’Allah. Please help make a change and pave the way for our brothers and sisters in Somalia . What they have endured is beyond belief and insha’Allah it is now our duty to help restore some comfort into their lives.

If you can step up to this challenge, please do email us at:

We shall email you an e-fundraising pack to try and assist you as best as we can to reach this £700 target insha’Allah.

Insha’Allah together let us see if we can meet this 70 home target by the end of Ramadhan.

May Allah Ta’ala Always Keep you happy, just as you will bring many, many smiles to our families in Somalia. Ameen.


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