I dream a dream…

“Dreaming to live the dream,
that is to be a part of the Dream.
Is that too big a dream?
Well only time will tell! InshaAllah! :)”

I have never had any big dreams or goals when it came to my education. I have been a very non-fussy person and was ok with any university/college I got into, alhumdulillah. I remember when I was in 10th grade and my classmates would wish to be in the best college in the city, while I just studied and passed with good marks(alhumdulillah) least interested about which college I would be able to get into.

But that was a long time back.

The first time I saw the video of this particular university, I fell in love with it.

It’s definitely the first time I am wishing to be in some university. It’s my dream to be a part it someday. It all seems very unrealistic and illogical to wish for it, considering the distance of this place from where I live. But … there’s hope. Someday I will be there… sitting amongst the other muslimahs in class, listening to the first lecture of my dream course – THE DREAM intensive course, inshaAllah!

May Allah open our hearts and bless it with love and understanding of the Quran. May Allah grant us the ability and means to be a part of this course and benefit ourselves and others around us through it. May Allah help us in our effort to make our dreams a reality. Ameen.

-Potential Hijabi

P.S. @ Nasmira and x@hu .. Someday we will be a part of it.. inshaAllah!  🙂


4 thoughts on “I dream a dream…

  1. x@hu says:

    Insha Allah! Insha Allah! 🙂 And ameen to your dua! I don’t care even if we’re middle aged and going on towards old age, one day insha Allah we will know the Qur’an! 🙂

  2. Nasmira says:

    I’m ready!! Pack your bags, you two, n get ready! 😀

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