It’s My Shield!

I’ve been listening to this poem over and over again! Just LOVE it! ❤

The Shield- Brooke VanBuskirk

By day I wrap this shield around my head, across my chest
This world is a prison- my mind and heart I must protect
Why? Because without it there’s no limit to be observed

What is modesty and decency? Man can’t properly determine
They say my choice to cover is old-fashioned
they say our religious practices are backwards
They spew cliché democracy and liberation
little do they know there’s little knowledge in what they’re saying
my argument is that ‘the times, they are a-changin’
and slowly but surely approaches an ‘anything goes’ day, when
no rules apply
whats wrong is called right
and crimes of the heart creep like a thief in the night
modesty discouraged and nakedness condoned
we’ve forsaken the values mankind held long ago

yes, history is riddled with mistakes and evil stories
but shall we not filter the good and maintain some of its glory?
just think of it this way, I’m just dressing like Mary mother of Jesus
or a nun
or a ..woman who wants to be seen as
an observant follower
a lover of Gods word 
and you not mad at exploitation of femininity, but you mad that I cover

Sex may sell, but I’m not for sale
it’s your path to bankruptcy, time will tell
My hijab…is an expression of self-respect
And a rejection of a misogynist culture daily breathing down my neck
Telling me all my value lies in the guise of my demise. Flaunting what Gods blessed me with, its lies and I don’t buy it. Because I’m told I’m so much more.
So, to avoid distracting you with what my momma gave me, I’ll let you focus on my core
I say the passing of time doesn’t determine my beliefs
Islam teaches that truth doesn’t change with the year 
what’s good is good, and what’s wrong is wrong
and those values don’t change as the years pass along
our standards are lowered and we become desensitized
but regardless of what time it is 
men should lower their eyelids 
when I pass along my way minding my business
this shield reminds them that yes, I’m religious
I don’t want attention and I don’t want your compliments
I’m not looking for love, so save your games for them
I’m a Muslim under here, I don’t mind being a stranger
coz if the norm is lady gaga, then we’re all in danger
I’ll be called a trader

I’m not scared of that label
ethnocentric discourse in the west
is the only reason I have to write a poem to justify way that
I dress
the cloth on my head
which I love to wear
I’m not forced
which I struggle with, but my choice
is solid as stone
it’s my comfort 
my home
my will
my uniform
my suit
my command from God
my style
my identity 
so let it be… my shield!!

Yes, it’s my shield and I adore it, Alhumdulillah! ❤ :’)


8 thoughts on “It’s My Shield!

  1. MuQeet says:

    Assalamu Alaikum.
    How are you, dear sister.
    You are doing a great work, Mashaa’Allah, through your blog.
    Simply amazing 🙂

    • Walaikum Assalam,
      Alhumdulillah, doing well brother!

      All praise be to Allah.. everything good here is from Him alone, and the bad from the weakness of my own self! JazakAllahu khair for your kind words!

  2. Afreen says:

    Subhanallah!!! while watching this video my memory was drawn back to the tough times when i started the hijab, it was so difficult and i needed so much of all this encouragement. i remember getting on youtube and encouraging myself with such stuff.. n Allahumdulilah today when i see video’s like this i feel a proud hijabi… a proud Muslim!!!! cant thank ALLAH swt enough!! 🙂

  3. Sheila Smart says:

    I do not recall you seeking permission to publish my image of the young woman in hijab on this blog page. Please either remove the image or license same.

    • I am sorry for offending you by uploading a pic which seems to be taken by you! I am sorry I was unable to figure out exactly which pic are you talking about.. is it the one on the about me page.. i.e. the one I am using it on my gravatar?
      I deeply regret having offended you because of it! I had found this pic on facebook long back and I am into the habit of collecting good pictures so had saved it on my pc and that’s how I put it up when I created the blog.. I dont remember it having any source mentioned!
      Please do let me know, I shall take it off immediately or with your permission I would love to keep it, of’course after including a link back to your blog on the page where I have used it!

      Extremely sorry again! 😦 And thanks for bringing it to my notice!

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