Mosaic Of Muslim Women

Assalamualaikum 🙂

I came across this really wonderful blog recently and I just had to share it here! It’s called the “Mosaic“. It’s started by a sister, who has taken up a wonderful job by starting the blog which recognizes muslim women from the past and present with amazing accomplishments. In her friday series she tells us all about the women during the prophet Muhammad (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)’s time, may Allah be pleased with them.

“Welcome to Mosaic, a colorful artwork of Muslim women from all over the world who have extraordinary acheivements. It is a platform in which to recognize the unrecognized, celebrate the accomplished, and bring together a wide diversity of women who exemplify the image of a Muslimah.

Our Mosaic would not be complete without the Muslim women of the past, starting from the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and working through over 1400 years of Islam in order to show the empowerment and freedom Islam has brought to women. For 1400 years, Islam has enabled women to vote, inherit, keep their own last names, have careers and be equal to men. The situation of women in certain countries are the result of culture and government and not at all consequences of Islam, although some people might wrongly use the name of the religion to justify their actions.

Every week, we will feature a woman from the past and a woman from the present in order to paint a true picture in your mind about Muslim women.”

Source: About Mosaic

May Allah reward all these lovely ladies in abundance for their wonderful work; and May Allah grant us too the ability to contribute to Islam and the soceity in our own little ways, someday. Ameen.

Do check the blog out! 🙂


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