‘Dont Be Sad’ Series – Introduction

Assalamualaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatahu,

One of the most toughest feelings to escape in the life of this world is sadness. We know nothing lasts forever here… and along with every happiness comes trials and tests of this life.

A memory from the past, a lost loved one, a broken relationship, a deterioting health, life’s crossroads or just mere emptiness could fill the heart with sadness!

At such times how do we escape this feeling, how do we overcome it? How to accept the qadr of Allah?

With that thought, I’ll be starting a series where  I’ll be posting articles, videos, and tips that will help us in easing the pain and overcoming the sadness that’s filling us, inshaAllah!

Let’s start with taking advice from this hadith where our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) teaches us some words to be said at time of affliction!

Asmaa’ bint Omays, radi Allahu ‘anha, said: Allah’s Messenger,
sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, told me, “Shall I not teach you
words to say whenever you are aflicted with something? Say:
‘Allahu Rabbi (Allah is my Lord), Laa Shareeka lah (He has no
partner).'” – Abu Dawood

[Lessons from this hadith] The entire universe is the creation
of Allah. When you find yourself aflicted by something, follow
this advice of what to say and notice what happens. Allahu
rabbi, laa shareeka lah!

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
– Muhammad Alshareef

Until the next post, Smile and keep reminding yourself “Don’t be sad…Allah is with us” [9:40] ! 🙂

Loads of Love & Peace,

Potential Hijabi 🙂


9 thoughts on “‘Dont Be Sad’ Series – Introduction

  1. nasmira says:

    great going girl….looking forward to more from you..inshaAllah! 🙂

  2. Asma Khan says:

    Good read… 🙂

    Visit my blog–> Stay Blessed

  3. joymanifest says:

    loved it! jazaki Allah khair! helped me a lot too. love your blogging prowess and would like your thoughts on my blog. so much I’ve learned from you mashaAllah

  4. JazakAllah sister! I really needed this kind of a reminder!

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