Even small things matter

We are always reminding ourselves and others of the things that are forbidden(haraam) in Islam. “Don’t do this.. It’s Haraam!!!”..”Oh my God, that is H-A-R-A-A-M!”.  As much as important it is to know what is haram, it’s also important to not make it sound like everything in Islam is Haraam. I mean, Alhumdulillah, Allah has bestowed his mercy on so many tiny things that we could do everyday and grab the reward for it. These are the things that we can constantly keep a check of in every work we do, so that we could increase our good deeds and rewards. After all, little drops make a mighty ocean,isn’t it?

Let’s not forget Prophet Muhammad(saw) said that the deed most beloved to Allah are the regular constant deeds even though they may be few.[Bukhari]

We say a simple Salaam to anyone, we’re rewarded..

We smile at someone, we’re rewarded..

We treat someone with kindness, we’re rewarded..

We pray in Masjid with Jamu’ah, we are rewarded 27 times more than those who pray alone..

We begin anything with Bismillah, that action of us is rewarded..

We end our activities with Alhamdulillah, we’re also rewarded..

We think of doing a good deed, we’re rewarded..

We control our temper, we’re rewarded..

We eat and drink with our right hand, we’re rewarded..

We pray for forgiveness and health for our fellow Muslims, we’re rewarded..

We forgive, we’re rewarded..

We think positive towards Allah and other people, we’re rewarded..

We keep our promises, we’re rewarded..

We seek knowledge for the benefit of others, we’re rewarded..

We share knowledge to others in need, we’re rewarded..

We walk towards the Jumu’ah prayer, our each step is very greatly rewarded..

We take wudhu’, we are rewarded..

We treat our mothers and fathers with humbleness, kindness and respect, we’re greatly greatly rewarded..

We bring Allah to remembrance, we’re rewarded..

So why do we withhold our reward ?

Source: Splendor of Iman

Exactly the point, why withhold our reward? So, inshaAllah, next time don’t ignore those small things that matter! Be quick to say salaam with a smile and grab your reward!(should I say double reward? 😉 )

Assalamualaikum 🙂 (Peace be upon you!)


4 thoughts on “Even small things matter

  1. sabirahm says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Potentialhijabi!

    Great post. I attend these amazing classes given by a super-amazing (may Allah swt reward her so much!) teacher. The one thing I realized we all absolutely love about her is her amazing akhlaq. She never says anything negative, remembers everyones names, never stops smiling, and always tries to talk about Islam (even things such as sins/hellfire) in a positive manner. Always giving hope and never making us feel like we will fail. All my life…I heard this is haraam from every corner…and it almost makes you feel hopeless and as if nothing you will do can ever be right. You are right…we need to return to these small acts that weigh so heavily. Islam is beautiful, it is a positive religion, and it is an easy religion…if we allow it to be 🙂

    • Walaikum Assalam 🙂

      Masha’allah, your teacher sounds like a wonderful lady:) .. I am sure her students do learn a lot from her. Not just from what she teaches but also from her akhlaq,. If only we have more such people around who we meet everyday and can look upto! It’s always a bliss to stay around positive people.. they somehow transfer that energy to us,by Allah’s will! May Allah reward her!

      Subhanallah, well said sister “..It’s an easy religion .. if WE allow it to be! ” 🙂

      Jazakallahu Khair 🙂

  2. nasmira says:

    every letter is recorded isn’t it!! this is a beautiful religion we’ve been blessed with alhamdulillah! 🙂

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