False Attachments…

A lovely article on ‘False attachments’ written by sister Nasmira Firdous.

When certain incidents or people hurt us, we end feeling let down, some even to an extent of feeling cheated and offended, but honestly when you really start looking at what hurt you so badly, you end up realizing your the one at fault in the first place. Placing hopes and hoping that someone would do the same for us is human nature. However, with time everything falls back into its original place.

Even if it was that one person or that one dream job or that one material you always wanted, you might get it for a few days or years but it will never truly be there with you forever.

The logic is simple, we came alone in this world and this journey has to be taken alone, for some the journey might start even while they are living, and for others it would begin after they die.

To look back and see every single minute little thing that happened in my life, and all that I spent my time worrying and being bothered about,  on the hindsight,  they look so minuscule now. I’m amazed at how much time I wasted worrying about them in the first place. Nothing lasts forever, does it?

To allow worldly things to occupy a place in your heart is similar to allowing garbage to grow in your backyard. The stench cannot be smelt immediately but when the garbage builds up to the extent of you not wanting to even breathe anymore, that’s when you realize how late you were in cleaning it. The heart on the hand takes a longer to time to cleanse, quite simply because its not physical, its metaphysical.  Therefore, that much more effort is needed to cleanse it from bad thoughts, ill feelings, jealousy and hatred we might have harbored towards others for an extremely minute reason.. we end up overlooking all that we did and focus on that one aspect, similar to bull’s eye, yeah?!!

Life teaches many lessons, false attachments are just one of them. and they are just what the name claims: FALSE!! In fact, not many would agree but for me, everything in this world looks “FALSE” and when you start believing its TRUE that’s the point when life smacks you hard, getting you back to reality!

Stop! And think! Do we feel the same towards someone who created us, the same towards someone who continues to provide again and again and again, is willing to shower and engulf us into His mercy, His love, do we even feel a wee bit towards Him like we feel towards His creations..

And after all this, sometimes I even had the audacity to question Him and ask why He hurt me by snatching that person or that thing away. Honestly, it wasn’t even mine to begin with. It was a test, and letting it go easily for His sake would have meant I’ve passed the test. Holding on to it even after its been snatched away, damning myself and everyone around me would have meant mega failure.

Feel disappointed at someone or something, quietly go back and see how it all started, was it the same with the person when you hardly knew the person.. everything was cordial, right?? Was anything expected, y this sudden change, the more close you get, the more you begin to expect!! what logic is this??

In my two decade of life on this planet, if there is one lesson I’ve learnt its been to let things go!

If only I could etch the following words of Umar ibn Al Khatab RA in gold!!

“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future. Go easy on yourself for the outcome of all affairs is determined by Allah’s Decree. If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come on your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee.”

For umpteen reasons, he seems to be my all time favorite!

[Photo credit:lilesnet.com]

Source: Different Strokes


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