Introducing to you – Sheikh Charming!

We have all heard of “Prince charming! He’s that tall, dark handsome “phenomenon” who exists in the dream of every girl, with whom she believes she will have a happily ever after; the man who forever and always is  going to be by her side.. blah blah blah..! 😀 Yeah and a long list of pre-requists for any guy who wants to fit in that category! 😉

But we sisters, alhumdulillah, at some point break out of this fairy tale land and know for sure that such a prince charming really does not exist! Some of us have this leap in iman and alhumdulillah, we start learning about our deen and try to be modest muslimahs.

Over the months, though, it so happens that we come across such beautiful love stories in the quran and hadith, that it’s not long before we start dreaming again (sigh!) Be it the romantic courtship of Musa(AS) and Safura(RA) or the tearing love story of Zainab(RA) and Abdul-As-bin Rabi ;The “like a knot” marriage that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) shared with Aisha (RA) or even the love of Ali(RA) and Fathima(RA). Subhanallah! The list is long and such beautiful relationships they all shared! ❤

It’s not long before, the love, charm, and dedication of these men (peace be upon them all), again wipe us of our feet and we start dreaming of our own very own future husband; this man is someone, in our very own dreamland, who can very precisely be called “SHEIKH CHARMING!”  😉 Let me have the pleasure of introducing him to you —

(The following decription is an edited version of an article by sister Umm.Z of “Roadtrip to Zawajland“; So, all the credit goes to her! 🙂 )
  • He is a Sheikh with the voice of Shuraim, the khushu‘ of Budair, the deepness of voice of Hudhaify, who can make beautiful duas like Sudais, with the emotion of Muhaisini.  For real!
  • Sheikh with deep understanding of the very complicated areas of fiqh. Like if the sister asks him: What’s the ruling on X or Y ; well he’s straight:‘Qalaa Allaah wa Qalaa Rasuul..’ [Allaah said, the Prophet said..]
  • Sheikh who has knowledge of ahadiths and who could narrate the Seerah to her as her bedtime story. (I’m serious) ‘So, Habibti, the Battle of Tabuk happened and the troops got ready.. hbiba, wake up I’m not finished.. ZzzZz’..       Beautiful!
  • Sheikh who will softly -I said softly- sprinkle droplets of water on her gentle little face to wake her up for Qiyaam-ul Laylevery evening? Not only that, but since he’s a hafiz.. well he can read the nice long surahs of the Glorious Qur’an with a soothing recitationthat humbles the nafs to the max.      Awesome right?
  • Sheikh who also has a good profession [£ + $ = kerching!!!] and who can provides well for her.  A Sheikh who’s up-to-date with the latest technologies and can text whilst driving single-handedly and with his elbow on the window side.    You know what I mean!
  • Sheikh who attends all 5 prayers in the masjid (YES! Even the Fajr salaah), looking boom in his Khamis with a miswaak in the mouth and reciting the adkaar when going to and from the masjid.           Mashallaah!
  • Sheikh who can sometimes surprise her at the most unexpected of times and not just bring flowers at home. Something like: ‘Here’s your tickets for Hajj my dear’    How romantic! 
  • Sheikh who is fluent in ‘arabic and jungles between the ‘Na’am’, ‘Ya3ni, Ya3ni’ and ‘Hayakallaah wa Barakallaah Feekum wa Jazakumullaah Kheiran Kathiran’
    Ya3ni The language is important!
  • Sheikh who is respectful, honest, kind-hearted, romantic, humble, generous, patient ect..ect.. I’m afraid the list is very Long indeed.

P.S. “Sheikh” not be taken in the literal meaning of the word which means: Old man; but in the religious sense: Someone knowledgeable

Ahem! Already dreaming sisters?! I know, I know, it’s quiet hard to get out the dreamy land for us. But like sis Umm.z reminds us in her article such a man does not exist or even if he does he’s quiet faaar away! 😛 Let’s be realistic and minimize our expectations; and moreover since we know that we ourselves are struggling with the minimum. So, expecting so much from someone else is not right, right? We don’t want to get the slap of reality again, do we? 😀 No! right! Let’s just first work on our deen and well, may be we can make dua that we might insha’allah, find a ‘sheikh charming’ in Jannatul-Firdaus ..Hehe.. Insha-allah! 🙂

So, for now let’s wake up and focus on our relationship with The One, Allah (swt)! 🙂




P.S. Did I mention that he should sport a beard too? 😀

P.S.S.Ahem! OK sister, stop dreaming! 😛

21 Productive Muslim Hobbies!

I came across this list on ProductiveMuslim website.

It’s a list of 21 ProductiveMuslim Hobbies. I loved the list and also learnt that that horse-riding and archery is Sunnah. Wow.. Subhanallah.. didn’t know that! 😀

Here’s the list you must check out! Click here, for a detailed description.

21-ProductiveMuslim Hobbies:

  1. Reading
  2. Travelling.
  3. Journal Writing
  4. Blogging/Podcasting
  5. Computer Programming
  6. Graphic/Web Designing
  7. Self-defense classes
  8. Sports
  9. Gardening
  10. Tailoring/Knitting
  11. Geneology Research
  12. Amateur Astronomy
  13. Islamic/Arabic Caligraphy
  14. Islamic Art
  15. Cooking/Bakery
  16. Learn a foreign language (Arabic)
  17. Hiking
  18. Write letters
  19. Archery
  20. Horseback Riding
  21. Swimming/Scuba diving

So, blogging, reading and computer programming are already on my list. I’m planning to work on cooking, tailoring, learning arabic, graphic designing and journal writing! 😉 Oh and home-styling too, though that’s not on the list! 😛

Which hobby do you plan on developing? 🙂