Kill that Ego!

Alot of Muslim Youth today are, alhumdulillah, turning towards Allah, we are making that extra effort to learn about our deen. But, sometimes along this journey, as our knowledge increases and we learn more and more about the different hadees and the fiqh, we start feeling so proud about it that our pride and ego start dictating our actions and words. We start feeling irritated or annoyed because someone doesn’t agree with us over the way we interpret that hadeeth or surah, or even about the rule over a certain issue; or may be in case of the sisters who wear hijab we start feeling that we are superior than the girl who does not wear the hijab; or in the case of brothers may be you feel that just because your attire is islamic or your looks are islamic you can dictate over others. May Allah protect us from such things!

If you are affected by such superiority feelings, and if that ego is manifesting your words, then this video is a MUST watch!

Some notes I scribbled from the video on how to overcome the feeling–

1.Rememberance Of Allah

  • Not just mere words for the sake of uttering, but mean the words.
  • Alhumdulillah- Thank Allah and praising him.
  • Jazakallahu Khair – Make dua with a clean heart for that person and again mean those words.
  • You have to Learn to be Uncomfortable with praise! Learn to be quick to give credit to Allah and put yourself down! “I dont need your praise, I need your duas”
  • When somebody comes and says some nasty thing you, it might actually be a gift from Allah, because it teaches you humility.

2.Keep a good company.

  • Company of people who are better than yourself.

3.Learn to serve people for the sake of Allah

  • You dont have to do every good deed at once, Keep it gradual, its ok- take it easy!
  • Change your attitude, change you intention!
  • Your job is the effort, HIS job is the result! You are not incharge of the results!
  • Ask yourself- Were my efforts seriously for the sake of Allah?
  • Intentions can get rusty, so you got to keep coming back.

4.Learn to keep your mouth shut when you should.

  • Think – “Are the words that am I going to say to them are they going to make them even more averse to the religion or should I find some other soft way to be bring them close to the religion?”
  • Your job is to Remind!
  • Remind people and you’ll get the benefit. Because you are the first one who gets effected by the reminder. 
  • Words come from you, but the effect comes from Allah.
  • So don’t worry about the results, just do your job.

Further, here are some tips from “Sisterhood, How Muslimah lives around the world” on how to reduce our egos. Insha’allah let us put an effort to kill that ego. May Allah(SWT) help us to be humble always and never let pride and ego manifest our actions. Ameen!

The ego destroys our family relationships, our friendships, our lives and our spiritual well being. It stops us from forgiving, loving and working together. The Islamic sources use various strategies to help us reduce our egos.
1. Reflect upon death. We will all face the grave.
2. Reflect upon your origins. You were once a despised fluid. You were a baby, fully dependent on others.
3. Reflect within yourself. You have the same weaknesses as others. We all sin. We all smile, cry and bleed in the same language.
4. God is the greatest. He deserves all praise.
5. Don’t seek to be right. Seek for things to work.
6. Don’t ask for your rights. Give people their rights.
7. Forgiveness is the highest virtue.
8. We are nothing without God. We have no ultimate value. No ultimate meaning.
9. We don’t know our ends. We may end up worse.
10. Remember everything that you have, and everything that you are, is due to God’s blessings.

In conclusion, a message from Br. Nouman Ali Khan for the facebook shaykhs!   Dont miss to watch this, it’s really a big reminder for us!