Teaching Kids the Holy Quran: Review

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful blog, Masha’allah, called “Teaching Kids the holy Quran“. This blog represents verses of the Holy Quran using toys (mostly LEGO figures), primarily aimed at teaching the Scripture to kids.

Today, being a friday, I listened to Surah Kahf in the afternoon but I think I understood it better and also learnt the story behind it after reading that chapter in this blog, Alhumdulillah!

What I personally like about this blog is the way how the Surahs are explained with context and tafsir; and it’s all done in simple words and with a wonderful quality.

Also, I came across an interview of the author-Mezba which gives a greater insight on how the blog came into being. Click here, to be redirected to the interview page!

I particularly wish that the blog is compiled into a book, Insha’allah. Recently, I have been thinking how fairy-tale story books could be replaced for kids, since I believe that kids are deceived into believing into the idea of something that stays with them for a long time. So, I guess a quran represented in the way it is in this particular blog, is easier for the kids to understand and will definitely keep them engrossed,Insha’allah! So, let’s pray that the blog is compiled soon into a book, Insha’allah! 🙂

Needless to say the blog is capable of keeping even the elders engrossed. I highly recommend visiting it.