What choice did you make today?

Choices. Every morning you wake up, the process of making a choice begins. Every second from that moment you make a number of choices.Some choices are rather trivial like Coffee or Tea? 🙂 Grey tie or brown? Chocolate or Ice-cream? 😛 Milkshake or Fruit Juice? Black dress or Blue? Roses or Lilies? :D..Those choices are easy, right? (Again you have a choice to decide ‘Am I right or wrong’?! 😉 )

But some choices are not that easy. Some choices though simple are not the ones that can be taken for granted. They are the choices that decide what makes YOU. The choices that can either build you or ruin you.




It starts with a simple Choice.. When your alarm rings at fajr you have a choice to either wake up and start your day productively with the salah OR switch off your alarm and go back to sleep

When you wake up you have a choice to either do so with a smile and gratitude towards Allah OR frown about the busy day ahead.

When you see your parents first thing in the morning you have a choice to either wish your parents and greet them with high spirits OR be insensitive with your actions.

When you switch on your laptop you have a choice to either log on to facebook and waste your time reading updates on who did what OR log on to a beneficial website and spend time reading something productive.

When you have nothing to do you  have a choice of either listening to the music OR listening to the quran or a lecture.

When someone annoys you, you have a choice to either shut them out of your mind and seek refuge in Allah OR swear words at them and make the satan glad!

When you come across that beautiful girl/handsome guy, you have a choice to either lower your gaze OR look at them and put yourself in danger of falling prey to your weak nafs.

When the day the meal your wife prepared doesn’t really please your taste buds, you have a choice to either just eat it quietly with a smile and keep her happy OR critisize the food and hurt her feelings.


When your husband comes home tired from office, you have a choice to welcome him with a smile and de-stress him OR meet him with your problems at home and annoy the life out of him.

When your child gets a low grade, you have a choice to either let him know it’s ok and put in some extra effort to help him make up next time OR scold him, and make him feel useless.

When someone offers you a deal you know is haram, you have a choice to either reject it and please Allah OR accept it and earn yourself some sins.

When you get your salary you have a choice to either spend money on whatever is required and save the rest for good OR spend everything on buying things you will probably use just once.

When your parents grow old you have a choice to either take care of them and use the opportunity to open your doors to paradise OR forget about how they would care for you and leave them in old age homes.

You have a choice to either wear that hijab/grow that beard and struggle in path of Allah OR take it off and please the creations instead of the Creator.

You have choice to follow the fashion statement of the world OR define your own fashion that is pleasing in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

You have choice to either get up and pray that salah as soon as you hear the adhan OR delay it until the time you can’t be even sure if your prayers will be accepted.

You make a choice to give that extra money you’ve got this month to a needy neighbour you know OR buy yourself an expensive dress.

You make a choice to either get annoyed at your mom/dad for asking you that question for the 3rd time in a row OR remember how in your childhood days they answered your silliest questions with ecstasy even if it was the 10th time you were asking them the same question.

When you go to bed, you have a choice to either read the duas you should before you fall asleep OR watch that tv show and fall asleep in the process.

Choices, Choices and more Choices!!

Choices, the result of which can either bring you closer to your Creator OR take you away from him.

Choices, that can either make you or break you!!

Remember, today you can either choose to enslave yourself to the happiness of this temporary dunya OR you can work towards building yourself a home in eternal paradise.

So, What choice did you make today?