I love you, Allah!

Allah does not necessarily mean love of His makhlook! Shaitan is also Allah’s creation! Do we love shaitan? No.
Love is when you love what He loves, and dislike what He dislikes.
People don’t love people for Allahs sake, but for their personal liking or interest, so it need not necessarily be for Allah’s sake. When you love people for other than Allah’s sake you will be disappointed one day, sooner or later. No one can do justice to our love, only Allah can. You cannot rectify all flaws, human beings were made that way, they are by nature selfish! They have many weaknesses and hence you cannot expect them to do justice to your love. But Allah is perfect, He’s the only One who is, worthy of the greatest. Praise and affection and of love that is unconditional.

Love of Allah is an intense admiration, so deep that even if it cut us, burnt us down or destroyed us, we would still love with every bit of love we had left.
Love for Allah means that no matter how much we break apart or how much we strive, or how many times we fall and hurt ourselves, we stand up again, only for our Rabb.
We call out only to Him and carry on only for Him.
Love is when your faith in Him is so deep that you could fall of the steepest mountain without looking. Love for Him means that if there is a fire ahead, for His sake, if I had to I’d jump into it without even thinking.
Love for Allah means to find the joy of our existence in Him, in His pleasure.
Love is when you look to use everything you have to please Him.
Love is to believe that we die and we live for His sake.
Love is when what you fear the most is losing His love.
Love is when nothing ever means anything to you, if you don’t have Him by your side.
Love for Allah means you love no matter what you get in return.
Love is when you remember Him in your happiness and in your sorrow.
Love is when your heart finds peace only when you think of Him.
Love is this desperate and endearing longing to be with Him, to meet Him and to remain with Him forever.

P.S. My cousin sent this excerpt to me sometime back, and I just loved it. But I couldn’t trace the source of which article it is a part of. :S

P.S.S. The Nasheed in the video is a actually a beautiful poem written by Rabia al-Adawiyya (also known by Rabia Basri), and sang in the melodious voice of munshid Othman Al Rashidi. Its is a unique love song for the true love of her life, her creator Allah (swt).


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