A Muslim Man’s Love Letter

A Love letter that will touch your heart, Insha’allah! ❤

If you love me, don’t confess your love to me through haraam ways,
This won’t please me and will instead drive me away!
Love games don’t attract me.
If you love me, have sabr and I will knock on your door when the time is right.
Don’t give me privileges which I don’t deserve.
Keep me away from you, and I will approach you.
If you approach me, I will stay away from you.
Don’t love me, for I want you ignorant in love.
I want to teach you love when the right time comes and when you will be mine,
Only when we are joined together under our Creator’s satisfaction
Don’t tell me what you feel, don’t give me from your time, don’t push me to lose you.
I am a man who does not want to see the one he loves committing sins or to live a forbidden love behind her family’s back.
I don’t want her to feel guilty and don’t want her heart to suffer.
Put me under limits that I won’t cross, kill me inside you so I won’t grow to kill you inside me.
Preserve what is beautiful inside you.
I want you innocent, chaste, pure.
I want you my love, but with Allah’s blessings and not shaytan’s whisperings.
And then, Only then, I will face everything and will be ready to go through difficulties to get you,
Don’t be easy because then, I may not value you.
Don’t love me now, so I won’t hate you!
My heart wants you and doesn’t want to lose you.
I don’t want you to be just a passing fancy for me,
I want you a wife, a lover, the mother of my children, I want you to be the one I will spend my whole life with.
How could I be a faithful man to you when I try to break your chastity?
How would I be faithful to you if I push you to betray your family?
How could I trust a love which grew under Allah’s wrath ?
To make you mine through niqah is Islam’s way,
Till then wait patiently and donot dismay.
To love you means to protect you,
To Love you is to bring you closer to Allah and HIS deen
To preserve you not to kill what is beautiful inside you.

-Your Husband-to-be (Insha’allah!)

Source:Feesabeelillah Sisters Club

I think this is the most halal(permissible) love letter I’ve ever read. Isn’t it damn sweet?! I mean it actually shows that the man loves you, Masha’allah! It talks about love in its purest forms, Subhanallah! Love of a man, who does not want to use you! A man who is not afraid of commitments, and I say this because he wants you to be his in the most halal way i.e. in marriage alone, and we all know that marriage is a commitment for life; the commitment that most guys in today’s world would run away from! But this man does not want you to be his ‘part-time’ companion, he wants you to be his ‘life-time’ companion; he is sure that he loves you and he feels that the best way to have you in his life is by making you his wife, (Woah, that rhymed 😀 ), by the will of Allah and the happiness of both your families! He wants you to be pure and chaste because of your love for him; He doesn’t need you to prove your love for him by being in a haraam (forbidden) relationship with him; He feels that such love that grows under Allah’s wrath can never be blessed, so he wants you to retain your purity and wishes you both will be one with blessings of Allah, and grow old together, loving each other and being each others best friends, in the beautiful relationship of marriage, for which he is ready to go through any difficulties that he has to! 🙂 Subhan’allah!

Wow! Doesn’t that make you wonder if such guys even exist in today’s world?! Well, let’s hope they do!

May Allah bless our lives with such a man, who would help us stay pure and chaste and help us in our endeavour to grow closer to the Almighty and His deen. Ameen.


9 thoughts on “A Muslim Man’s Love Letter

  1. Neollectual says:

    Such men do exist, Alhamdulillah. It was a nice poem. A few things – the first line says “If you love me… “, but a line “Don’t love me now” comes later. It says I (the Mr. Right ) love you now at the same time.
    If she doesn’t tell what she feels, how would either of them know they have to wait for each other anyway.

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah :),

      Masha’allah, you got me thinking 😀 Didn’t really notice that part.

      From what I could interpret it as, I think the writer is trying to imply that even though she loves him now she must not show him her love for him, that’s what he means when he says “dont love me now”. It’s like “I know you love me and I love you too, but let’s not get involved in displaying this affection to each other at present since that would be haraam” . You know what I mean? It’s like not loving each other may be in the physical sense, or not doing haraam things in order to show him that she loves him etc. And when he talks about himself loving her now, i think he’s talking about the feeling that is in his heart.

      As for your comment on how either of them would know that they have to wait for each other, I think, islamically, the best way is to send a proposal through your wali right away, and if the other person is interested then, insha’allah, things can be taken forward. But in this context since it says wait until the right time, well, yeah, from what I know of, that can be a situation that will put u into a dilema of whether to tell him or not and if you want to let him now, what would be a halal way to let him. In that situation, if you do not want to get your parents or wali involved yet then may be you can convey the message through your friend or brother or some adult (who you are comfortable talkin to), so that way you wont get directly involved with him but yet you both will be able to know what the other feels, and wait for each other.(Easier said than done, I know, but what is important here is that you are trying hard not to cross the line, and keep Allah(SWT) happy, so insha’allah Allah will help you find a way.)

      Allah knows best.

    • Honest Muslimah says:

      i know right..you are so correct on this…i always focused on theses lines..i think that’s where faith and praying comes in and waiting for Allah’s answer..

  2. neha says:

    faith, destiny…
    “No matter what you say
    and what i do
    the truth remains and lives
    within You and within me.”

  3. Nasmira says:

    Men …men..men.. such as these are fast becoming extinct..leaving us to day dream all day looong! 😉
    It’s frustrating at times, I tell u!!
    patience is supposed to be the mantra here.. hmm..

    • Heheh.. tell me about it! 😛

    • Hassan says:

      Nasmira, men like these are becoming extinct because there are virtually no examples like these for young boys to follow…. they are exposed to media and social life with all their western influences, even in muslim countries and/or muslim social circles. Either that or the other extreme!

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