It’s that new shade…

When it comes to being a hijabi, things can get cumbersome for most of us when getting ready for occasions like weddings. Dressing up holding the code of hijab, and with an effort to look modest yet neat and presentable is what we mostly strive for.

I remember this one particular time when I was dressing up for an
occasion. I had taken up the hijab recently and had just started
wearing it on occasions too.

It so happened that I was having a hard time wrapping the hijab
properly. I ended up removing it several times, only to wrap up again
in an improper manner. We were running out of time and my mom seeing
me struggle finally suggested that I should just forget it, meaning
not wear the hijab. This ofcourse she said to ease my trouble. Being a
hijabi herself she knew how troublesome it could get at times.
Neverthless, it made my emotions shoot up and I  asked her to let me
be and assured her that this was the last time I’m going to try and
wouldn’t care to set it right if it didn’t end up neat even after
this attempt.

I remember as I stood in front of the mirror, my nose and eyes turned red as I tried to hold back the tears, I began to wrap the hijab around my head. An avalanche of emotions took over me.

I did not want to let go off the hijab, NO WAY, no matter what. It was after a lot of struggles and troubled times and after having gone astray from the right path, that Allah(SWT) has given me a chance again. Led me to the right path again. Moreover, I couldn’t afford going away from my lord.

This hijab was MY decision. My humble effort
to please Allah, whom I so desperately needed back in my life. This hijab didn’t just change the way I look, it changed me. It was not
just a piece of cloth on my head it was a constant reminder for me that I was but a slave of Allah. This hijab was my path to a more
modest life. How could I just let go of it?!

I pleaded Allah to make this
hijab easy for me and help me with it!

That last attempt turned out to be, alhumdulillah, the best. That night, I looked beautiful, so say my mom and everyone else, masha’allah. I don’t know how true is that but all I’m hoping for is that I atleast looked sincere and beautiful in the eyes of the One I wish to please- the
Almighty Allah.


2 thoughts on “It’s that new shade…

  1. Alhamdillah!! This was such a sweet post to read. May Allah keep you steadfast! Ameen ❤
    Lots of love, darling 🙂

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