Spreading love in the blogosphere :)

Alhumdulillah, I’ve been awarded the “liebster blog award” by hijab gal– a sister on the blogosphere! 🙂 This came as a suprise to me and it surely made my day, Alhumdulillah! 🙂 Jazakallahu Khair sister! 🙂

Now, this blog award is all about showing love to new and upcoming bloggers. Once you get the award, you pass it on to 3(/5) bloggers with less than 100( a few places it says 200/300) followers. And leave a message on their blogs. The cycle continues as we appreciate fellow bloggers! Masha’allah, Love the idea! 🙂

So, following the custom I’d like to pass on this award to 3 other lovely bloggers 🙂

  • Sister Nida- who writes the “PINK” blog. Masha’allah, gifted with skill of writing, her articles are powerful and absolutely fun to read!
  • Sister Aziza- Forever & Ever – writes some simple yet wonderful posts on her reflections of day to day incidents.
  • Sister Latina Muslim – a lovely latina sister who writes about her experiences as a revert, and her thoughts on breaking the stereotypes of being a latina muslim along with sharing other variety of useful islamic posts and videos!

May Allah bless all your wonderful efforts! 🙂


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