Perfect ending?

We dream of fairy tale romances with a perfect ending. We dream of having a best friends who will never leave us. We dream and believe that happiness can last forever by just having the right people around. And At some point, we get a tight slap from life and the result – Reality Check- NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Relationships end. People change. Hearts break. Friends leave. Memories fade. And finally we accept – ‘Prince charmings’ do not come on white horses and “happily ever afters” do not exist. (But no matter what Life Goes on.)

Life has it’s own ways of teaching us our lessons. There was a time when I believed in perfect endings too. But along my journey.. there are lessons I’ve learnt, mistakes i’ve made too.. there are still times when I’m reminded of or when i look back I miss certain people, I miss certain way how things used to be. But I also know that Allah(SWT) has something better in store for me, Insha’Allah, and that’s the ONLY thing that keeps me going, Alhumdulillah. I cannot come to regret the decisions I’d made, yes i do know today they were wrong and would never want to repeat them again, Allah willing, but it’s also true that those were the decisions that lead me towards Allah(SWT) .

I remember a friend of mine had long back updated her fb status which read —

‎”A calamity that makes you ‘turn’ to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you ‘forget’ the remembrance of Allah.” [Ibn Taymiyyah]

So true, isn’t it? Has it ever happened to you that you are blessed with something beautiful but you got so indulged in that, that you went away from the path that leads to Allah? On the other hand, there are these bad days, times when you are absolutely low, but the result of which is that they brought you more closer to your creator. Think about it, there’s nothing in this world that’s constant. You can’t be sure who, what is going to last for how long. Everything is going to end. As a matter-of-fact expecting anything to last forever in this world, is like building castles in air. Expecting a perfect-ending in this world is believing fairy tales to be true.

When we lose something or someone we say “to Allah we belong and to him we return.” So, if nothing, we are going to die someday and return to whom? Our Lord, right? So the only perfect ending that exists is, if on that day, the day of judgement, the day when our deeds will be weighed, if we’ve got that right, if the scale of our good deeds is heavier than the bad ones, and if we are blessed by the life of Jannah, then that and only that, is the perfect happy ending, we as Muslims can hope.. and strive for!!

Everything else in this world, well, it’s just Life.


4 thoughts on “Perfect ending?

  1. rialive says:

    Assalaamu’alaikum, sister!

    The end is the beginning of the end 😀

  2. nida says:

    Very well put 🙂 It is so easy to get lost in our worldly wants and dreams and hopes and to lose sight of the real life that will only begin once this one ends ^^ In that life and that life alone can there be hope of a happily ever after and that is the happy ending we should strive for 🙂

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