Yes, it’s hot!

The decision to burn Ibrahim(AS) to death was affirmed by the priests and the king of Babylon, Nimrod. The news spread like a fire in the kingdom, and people were coming from all places to watch the execution. A huge pit was dug up and a large quantity of wood was piled up. Then the biggest fire people ever witnessed was lit. The fire flames were so high up in the sky that the birds could not fly over it for fear of being burned ! Ibrahim’s hands and feet were chained, and he was put in a catapult to throw him into the fire. At that time, Angel Jibreel came to him and said: “O Ibrahim! Is there anything you wish for?” Ibrahim could have asked to be saved from the fire, to be taken away, but no, he said: “I only wish that Allah be pleased with me.” The catapult was released, and Ibrahim was thrown in the heart of the fire. But Allah would not allow His Prophet to be killed, He ordered the fire: “O fire! Be coolness and safety for Ibrahim!” And the miracle happened. The fire obeyed and burned only his chains. Ibrahim came out from it as if he was coming out from a garden, peaceful, his face illuminated, and not a trace of smoke on his clothes. People watched in shock and said: “Amazing ! Ibrahim’ s God has saved him from the fire!”

It is one of my weakness that I cannot bear heat. I just can’t. I get irritated when its too hot and tend to be in my worst moods.So, before I started to wear hijab one of my biggest fears and reasons for not wearing it was this. I have always been afraid that its going to be too hot with the piece of cloth around my head.

When I started making dua to Allah during my pre-hijabi days, I always asked him to make the Hijab easy for me. This one sentence I knew summed up to every fear I had about taking up the hijab and I had faith that if I were to take up the Hijab, insha’allah, Allah would definitely make it easy for me.

The first time I went out covered with my friends, on the way back one of my friend said “it’s too hot today!” and I remember thinking to myself, Alhumdulillah, how merciful is Allah who made this easy for me.

The other day during my cousin’s wedding while getting ready I felt really hot with the hijab. The city the wedding was taking place in, is situated in the coastal area and the weather is very humid. But while going through this “oops its too hot” phase there’s something that crossed my mind…

It was the story of Prophet Ibrahim(AS). When he was thrown into the fire didn’t Allah(SWT) with His power make the fire cool for him? So, if Allah can do that for a person who He is pleased with, can’t Allah make this tiny peace of cloth cool for me too?

So many times we’ve given ourselves the excuse of not wearing the hijab because we can’t bear the heat. “My city is situated in such-and-such a place and is burning hot throughout the year, I cannot manage the hijab” has been a common excuse. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that too. I’ve not yet worn the hijab in summer here, since I started it recently, Alhumdulillah, but I know that the Almighty will make it easy for me. He might test my faith for some time by making it hard for me, but I know at those moments all I need to do is make sincere dua, ask for him to make the hijab cool for me just like He made the fire cool for Ibrahim(AS), and, well, we all know that our Rabb(Lord) is Ar-Rahman(Most merciful) so he will definitely help and make the hijab easy for us, Insha’allah! 🙂




P.S. Talking about trusting Allah, coincidently today my ‘Islamic quote of the day’ widget reads–

And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice him.

(The Quran al-Talaaq 65:3)

Allahu-Akbar 🙂


4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s hot!

  1. From my experience I can tell you its not as difficult as its thought to be. 🙂 As you said Allah definitely does make it easier. He sees our love for Him and bestows ease upon us. I am asked this question many times (during summer season here in U.A.E. and even during vacations in Pakistan…) that “its very hot…how do you wear it (refering to my niqab)?” I simply smile!

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