Muslimah Girls Magazine

There’s so much to explore in the “Sisterhood world” on web.. and I just dont seem to get enough of it!!

Look what I found today. A magazine by muslimahs for muslimahs :). It’s called Muslimah Girls!! 🙂  Its by a team of sisters who are between the age 13-17… Woah! .. Cool ain’t it?? 8).. Moreover they also have ‘dear little auntie‘ section..!! Yayyy!! 😀

Oh wait.. that’s not all! Don’t you want to know how much it costs..?? Well, its absolutely FREE!!! 😀 😀 .. So what are you lovely sisters waiting for.. go ahead and subscribe for your copies NOW!! 🙂 🙂

Click here, to be directed straight to subscription  page! 🙂

Here’s the august issue someone shared on fb! 🙂 Muslimah Girls August Issue!

Happy Reading Sisters! 🙂 ❤


2 thoughts on “Muslimah Girls Magazine

  1. Little Auntie says:

    awwww, you’re so cute! But you’re right- there’s soooooooo much out there for the “Sisterhood”. Including blogs like yours 🙂 ma’sahAllah! Just stopping by to wish you a great ramadan insahAllah ❤

    • potentialhijabi says:

      Hehe… Alhumdulillah! 🙂
      Insha’Allah, Thanks a ton!! Jazakallahu Khayr, little auntie 🙂
      May Allah bless you with a great Ramadan too,Insha’Allah 🙂

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