100 things to do before you die!

Every time I would come across tv shows and lists like these.. I would eagerly watch/read them! But most of the time I would end up being disappointed since the stuff out there wouldn’t really be fitting my life!.. But this time, Alhumdulillah, I found the right or more precisely 100% halal 100 things to do :).. Courtesy Sister Hasina Suliman one of the writers in this blog I found today.. Muslimah (Life) Style! 🙂

So, all my sisters in Islam, here’s the list! 🙂

Source: Muslimah Bucketlist: 100 things to do before you die!

  1. Go for Hajj / Umrah – It helps you identify that qibla is more than just a direction for salah, and it makes all your islamic history come to life
  2. Fulfill the 5 pillars of Islam – Fundamentals of an able muslim
  3. Read the whole quraan at least once in your life in Arabic
  4. Visit Jabal Rahma – Mount of Mercy
  5. Experience the Plains of Arafah
  6. Read a translation of the quraan
  7. Identify a place that gives you peace when you’re turmoiled
  8. Know the Seerah of the Prophet SAWS
  9. Visit Madina
  10. Find 10 things that make you happy about islam
  11. Wear Hijab
  12. Witness a solar eclipse
  13. Write a letter to your parents telling them how much they mean to you
  14. Be able to pull off 3-5 good hijab styles
  15. Pick your own fruit: Strawberry / cherry picking
  16. Learn at Least 10 Hadith / Imam An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths
  17. Inspire someone to be better
  18. See snow/the ocean  (if you have never seen it)
  19. Sit in Nafl itikaaf at a mosque, in good company
  20. Attend taraweeh with congregation
  21. Visit the 3 Haramain
  22. Participate in a protest or march for an Islamic cause
  23. Be able to name all the surahs in the quraan
  24. Learn the 99 names of Allah
  25. Save money for a worthy cause
  26. Pass on nuggets of knowledge – Teach somebody something, you’ll feel better for it.
  27. Grow something – Plant a tree, its sunnah. Grow a houseplant, tomatoes or fruit. maybe even a garden or sunflowers
  28. Get your drivers license – it is empowering. (Don’t drive if its banned in your country)
  29. Buy Eid gifts
  30. Sleep under the stars :) (Muzdalifah?)
  31. Surprise your family with thoughtful gestures
  32. Know your neighbors
  33. Learn something new daily – Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave doesn’t get more current than that.
  34. Go whale watching
  35. Know how to pull off a hijab appropriate look in under 5 minutes
  36. Visit the islamic museum in turkey
  37. Have a weekend with your girl buds
  38. Join a Halaqa group
  39. Treat yourself to a spa
  40. Give tasbeehs / Miswaaks as gifts
  41. Milk a cow
  42. Endeavour to start everything with bismillah
  43. Take time out to be by yourself to meditate and make zikr
  44. Make wudhu in the ocean, and Salah on the shore (beach)
  45. Master the art of applying surma
  46. Smile and greet other muslimahs that you don’t know
  47. Purchase afew Surah Yaseens/quraans / tasbeehs  for your local mosque
  48. Sit on a Camel / Donkey – Sunnah?
  49. Climb to the cave of Hira
  50. Make a will / testament
  51. Take a train journey
  52. Choose your favourite sahaba and emulate her
  53. Learn arabic
  54. Experience the Islamic Legacy of Spain
  55. Run a marathon / fun run/ fun walk
  56. Sip Zam Zam in the Haram of makkah
  57. Visit Masjid ul Quba – Islam’s first mosque
  58. Get married –  fulfils half your deen
  59. Draw up a pre-nup before getting married
  60. Have a henna party – even if there’s no bride / wedding
  61. Sight the Eid moon
  62. Attend a ladies only hijab fashion show
  63. Own Hijab appropriate swimwear
  64. Attend at least ONE islamic convention a year, it will help revive your spirit
  65. Sponsor an Orphan
  66. Befriend a revert
  67. Travel to at least 3 different continents
  68. Visit all 7 Continents
  69. Develop the habit of using miswaak in whudu
  70. Own and wear a Aqiq (carnelian) ring
  71. Be a role model as a muslimah
  72. Watch a lunar eclipse
  73. Own a pet
  74. Join a females only gym
  75. Own / customise hijab appropriate sportswear
  76. Learn to walk in high heals with an abhaya (without tripping)
  77. Attempt wearing the niqaab even if its just for an hour so you can identify with muslimah’s that have taken that step
  78. Know how to make a short dua /durood aloud (for ladies only functions)
  79. Ride in a hot air balloon
  80. Learn the meaning of your favourite surah
  81. Gift dates (kajoor) to people at the start of ramadaan
  82. Sleep on the beach
  83. Complete a 365 photography project
  84. Learn how to take criticism
  85. Have a MOCKTAIL party
  86. Stand on the equator
  87. Know what’s in the prophets last sermon that was given on Jabal Rahmah
  88. Invite someone to Islam
  89. Revive an abating sunnah
  90. Know how to ride a bike
  91. Assign a non musical ring tone to your mobile phone
  92. Give ghusl to someone who has passed on.
  93. Go hiking
  94. Learn CPR/first aid
  95. Shower in a waterfall
  96. Donate blood
  97. Lay in a Hammock
  98. Have a small library in your home
  99. Dive in an aquarium
  100. Visit a chocolate factory

P.S.Don’t forget to print it out..and pin it up on ur board!! 😉 It’s definitely one of My Must Haves!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “100 things to do before you die!

  1. Shukran for the link love 🙂
    It took us awhile to compile and we will be adding to this list 🙂

    -Editor @ Muslimah(Life)Style

    • potentialhijabi says:

      No worries sister 🙂 .. May Allah reward you for the effort you put into compiling this! 🙂 ..Jazakallahu khair!

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