Does My Head Look Big In This?

[Nop, this is not the book review! :P]

What happens when a hijabi goes to a little kids birthday party and has to wear that party cap on?? Well.. she ends up with a big head!! :/.. (or is it long head?:D)

Yesterday was one of my cousin’s cute little daughters 1st birthday, Alhamdulillah! .. It was just a family afair! .. We had a pretty good time,Masha’Allah. We wore those party caps, played with the birthday horns and clicked loads of pics! 😀

Anyway, so all of us (meaning all the aunties and uncles 😀 ) had to also wear the birthday party cap. So that implies I had to wear it on my hijab and Oh dear God, I obviously looked hilarious. Firstly, a 20 year old with that cap is reason enough to look funny, and to top it up, on the hijab?? Oops! 😀

This is the 2nd time, since I started wearing hijab, that I had to wear the party cap on it; though last time when I tried… I broke the string! 😀 .. I guess my head was afterall pretty big for that tiny cap! O.o

So does that mean, because (I was the only one with the hijab in the party and) looking totally funny with the party cap on, make me regret my decision of wearing the hijab?? Definitely NOT. Alhamdulillah!:) C’mon, isn’t it fun to be different and indeed a pleasure to see people smile because of you? 😉


2 thoughts on “Does My Head Look Big In This?

  1. how Awesome MashaAllah! 🙂
    May Allah increase you in your iman and reward you for your effort 😀

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