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It’s 4.30 in the morning! I’ve gotten myself into weird habits these holidays, I just don’t seem to fall asleep before fajr(dawn)! :/ So, last night my mom suggested that since I’m anyway going to stay awake anyway, I’d rather have something for Suhoor, fast for the day and try to make up for the fasts I missed last year before the coming Ramadan!

Talking about making up fasts, have read this inspiring story?

Anyway, these holidays were the most informative ones, Alhamdulillah!.. Explored alot into the “sisters world” on web 🙂 .. got a chance to know new people through a number of lovely blogs and spend my time on net for good, Alhamdulillah!

My college starts on Monday, Insha’allah! and since I will be going out-of-town this weekend, I’d like to share with all of you, the links to the blogs and websites that I stumbled upon in the previous weeks; a few them on this list really kept me hooked on net! 🙂 Happy Reading! 🙂

  • I got it covered .. I personally derive a lot of inspiration from the articles posted by sisters here, Masha’Allah, love them all! 🙂
  • dear little auntie – a dash of advice, toppled with sparkle of lots and lots of love .. Got a problem .. Little Aunties always there to advice,Insha’Allah! 🙂
  • Maniac Muslim – This brother is way too hilarious! Believe me, you just cant afford to miss reading his articles! 🙂

Some Inspiring Blogs

Other Blogs that I got a chance to read

Things to Do Blogs(I definitely didn’t try any single one from them,but I did find them fun!)
Shop Hijab Online Websites (that I liked)
  • Hijab Fashion  Shop .. I found this by far the best website for hijabs that I came across, even though I can’t purchase it from where I stay because it gets too heave on my purse due to the extra charges for out of country delivers, but this is one shop I’d definitely would love to purchase from! 🙂

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