Confessions of a Hijabi

I started wearing my hijab just about a month back,Alhumdulillah. I could probably start an entire blog only for this one experience.. that teaches something new and nutures me everyday, Subhanallah!

I want my readers (as of now though there arent many :P) to do this little activity before I go ahead..! 😀

When you look at the picture below what do you really see? What is your perspective about the woman in the picture? What are the values and thoughts of the kind of life the woman lives that comes to your mind?


There can be two general cases .. that contradict one another…

You can either be a person who is thinks of a woman who is suppressed behind the veil. A woman, rather a Muslim woman, who is thrown behind the walls of her house. Who has no personal freedom or liberty. Who is sad, depressed and upset with her life. A woman who must be “liberated” from the old and unethical culture of Islam, etc. Or may be a woman who is way too religious, who is blinded by the “hard core” rules of her religion.


You see a woman, who is liberated. A woman who believes that her beauty is only for that man(Mahram) to see– who is capable of respecting her, taking care of her, loving her for who she is, not for what she looks like.You see a woman, who loves her Almighty– Allah SWT more than anything else in the world. She loves Him so much that she is filled with ta’qwa, i.e. she is conscious of presence of God and fears God whenever she takes any decision or does some work. You see a woman, who in other words want to be obedient to her Almighty, One who has blessed her with this life and rights that this world does NOT need to give her because she’s already got all those rights and more 1400 years ago when the Quran was revealed;  A woman who is humble towards Allah su’bhana wa taala. Moreover, a woman who want to dress and act modestly!

Whichever might be your perspective, in my posts titled as “Confessions of a Hijabi”, Insha allah, I’l be writing about my experiences with the hijab 🙂 .. and the things I learn from behind the veil! 😉 Allhumdulillah 🙂


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Hijabi

  1. nida says:

    This is a lovely post mashAllah 🙂 The Hijab has many purposes and benefits of course but when I started Hijab, someone told me that in the days of Ignorance, when Muslims were a minority in many regions, one of those purposes was this: the Hijab was meant to be a sign, a signal, a banner that this woman is under the protection of Muslim men so don’t mess with her 😛 If you mess with one Hijabi woman, you have to deal with the entire community of muslim men ^^ I found the idea so sweet, it made me smile 🙂

    • potentialhijabi says:

      Jazakallahu khair 🙂
      Awww that is sooo sweet! 🙂 .. hehe couldnt stop smiling when I read it! Masha’allah 🙂 .. True or not, it is a cute theory! 😀

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