Online Islamic Courses

Assalamualaikum 🙂

I’ve just been wishing to learn more about Islam and since I cant really take out much time from my Engineering studies :/ .. I was wishing that I could do something to increase my knowledge in Islam .. and Alhumdulillah like it is said that you just need the intention to do something right and Allah will himself show you the way .. that’s exactly what happened!!..  I’ve finally found a perfect online course!

It’s a facebook page called “Learn Islam“.(Click to be re-directed to the link.)

Its a 4 term course .. Join the page to learn more about the course! Alhumdulillah I cant wait for the new course to start so I might join in Inshallah! 🙂  The best part is it is pretty convinient.. So you can study the notes and submit answers to the tests as per your convenience within a given period of time, of’course! 😀 ..

As for now, there are short courses too being offered. Click HERE. Inshallah I’m going to join this until I can start with the main course which begins in September!

For those of you who donot have a facebook page, I guess you could leave your e-mail address here(as this posts comment). I’ll, inshallah, give  the organisers your id and they will mail you the notes! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Online Islamic Courses

  1. Aziza says:

    Alhamdulilah, i just stumbled upon your blog and i’m glad i did! you’re right, Allah has mysterious ways of helping us out. 🙂 Love your blog. This course sounds amazing, unfortunately I am no longer on facebook. However, I was hoping you could give them my email so they could send me the notes. thanks, may Allah reward you for sharing this info 🙂

    • potentialhijabi says:

      Barakallahu feek sister 🙂 .. Sure, I’l give them your mail id today,inshallah .. and confirm it too once i get a reply from them! 🙂

  2. Aziza says:

    Thank you very much dear sis 🙂

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